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Hi!  We're two sisters, best friends and owners of the blog Domestic Bliss Squared!  We both live in southern Idaho and enjoy crafting, raising our kids together and coming up with fun recipes.  Come hang out with us at or drop us a line at!

Old Navy knock off

Hi guys! It's been a while since I last posted, and a few things have changed around here. I (Jessica) now work full time in addition to my kids starting school, so it's been a long fall and winter for me, let me tell you! ...more

Seahawks Superbowl Treats Roundup!

At my (Hilary) house, we are all about the Seattle Seahawks. ...more

Pancake french toast bake recipe

So it's been a while, y'all.There's a lot of life that's been happening over here, but rather then delve into that in any detail, I thought that I'd share this awesome recipe with you by way of getting back into the groove.If you follow us on Facebook, you'll remember about a week ago I posted a picture of this ooey-gooey breakfast bake I made using leftover pancakes! I had made a double recipe of our gluten free buttermilk pancakes and had some left the next day. I had been crazing french toast...but wanted to use up my I decided to make this delicious mash-up! ...more

Eggnog Desserts Roundup

There are so many amazing flavors floating around at this time of year - peppermint, gingerbread, pumpkin, but I am a sucker for eggnog. ...more

Pumpkin recipe round up!

So if you've been around awhile with us here on Domestic Bliss Squared, you know we love pumpkin. It borders on obsession. And we've posted several of our own pumpkin creations before as well ....more

A Christmas giveaway!

What would you do with an extra $500 to spend this holiday season? How about I make the answer to that question a little easier with your chance to win $500 Paypal Cash in the Santa $1,000* Paypal Cash Giveaway! Thanks to some amazing friends and supporters of A Peek Into My Paradise we were able to come together collectively with a CASH PRIZE of $1000; which will be awarded to two very lucky winners of $500 each through Paypal Cash! ...more

Our Favorite Affordable Baby Products (plus a chance to win a Target giftcard!)

A few weeks ago, we shared about our obsession with Target! ...more

breakfast burritos, two recipes

It's the school year, y'all. And for those of us with school aged kids, that means scrambling in the morning to get everyone out the door in time, and if you're really super extra organized you might have time to throw a granola bar at your kids on the way out the door. My own kids frequently eat in the car, on the way to school.I'm not super organized, I won't lie.My solution to this was freezer breakfast burritos ....more

Make over boring cork boards!

Today I'm going to show you step by step how I went from the ugly, stained cork boards above (from the thrift store, of course!) to the fun, bright wall art below: I started by spray painting the whole cork board with white spray paint. I was not careful about sanding or cleaning off the wood like Hilary, and I probably should have been, because it took me twice as long to paint as it should have...mostly because I kept having to wipe away dust in the middle of painting... ...but I finally got it all white and pretty! There was some speculation between Hilary and I about whether or not the cork would be able to hold paint, or if it would simply absorb the paint and need six coats ....more

Coffee Bean Makeup Holder

So a little backstory first...I had just purchased a bag full of coconut cream-flavored coffee (yum!) and was making a pot of coffee. ...more