More parents v. Delta: Boobs bared in Burlington

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I just wanted to post a quick follow-up to yesterday's piece about the New Mexico woman who was asked to leave a Freedom/Delta Airlines flight because she had the nerve to nurse her toddler on board. Although Emily Gillette (the mother in question) has filed charges against the airlines through the Vermont Human Rights Commission, the locals didn't feel that that was quite enough.

Oh, how I would've loved to be a fly on the wall at the Burlington International Airport today, when thirty-some parents and their assembled children held a nurse-in in front of the Delta Airlines counter.

At the airport today, mothers, fathers and grandmothers showed their support for Gillette and breast-feeding. One woman wore a sign that read "BREASTFEEDING" and her son wore a sign that read "BREASTFED."

"I was horrified that a mother could be humiliated like that," said Caroline Beer, 34, of Burlington.

The parents praised Burlington International Airport for allowing the demonstration and for being accommodating.

Yes, congratulations to the airport for doing the smart thing and not drawing any more lousy press.

I don't think it had really dawned on me until I read this article that this happened in Vermont. I thought everyone wore Birkenstocks and ate tofu together in the state that still has more sheep than people. (I'm kidding, I'm kidding.) And it's likely that the airline crew wasn't Vermont-based, but still. This happened in Vermont. The mind truly does boggle.

[picture courtesy of Burlington Free Press]

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