Pets of NaBloPoMo

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So it's halfway through November, and therefore halfway through NaBloPoMo, the brainchild of Blogher contributing editor Eden Kennedy. An alternative to National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo, naturally), National Blog Posting Month challenges participating bloggers to complete one post a day for thirty days. I have no idea how many people remain in the running, but it's safe to say that of those left posting, some are finding material in those who are always underfoot - their pets. I decided to cruise through the NaBloPoMo Blog Randomizer, (courtesy of Lane of Pink Elephants) and find some of these pet-friendly daily bloggers, who are still in the running for a lengthy list of prizes. Lady K of Mythology of an Art Goddess wrote back in August about her family's Icelandic Sheepdog, Bjork, who "knows lots of words, is an excellent sheep, cat, child herder and is the happiest thing on four legs..." not to mention capable of performing power-spins. This breed was news to me, but according to Lady K. is one of the oldest breeds of dogs, although few remain because of a distemper epidemic in Iceland in the 1900s. Dawn Chilson's site, Cluny Brown, includes this sweet post and a great picture of Quigley, her Australian Cattle Dog. Dawn also blogs about her other dogs, Cora, another Australian Cattle Dog, and Joxer, a Boxer/chocolate Lab mix. Catie at Simplify blogs about cats Roo and Seamus, who recently left his mark on a home improvement project. Lauren at Oodleday has a cat named Iggy who's apparently not much for sleeping but is quite cute when he manages it. He's also a social networking college student, who just narrowly missed some more unfortunate names. I'll wrap up this "pets of NaBloPoMo" post with the organizer, M. Kennedy herself, who says she's spared everyone an update on how much she loves her dog, but I'm not sure how she manages, when it's a bulldog named Cookie who is just this cute. The restraint is remarkable. Congratulations to all the NaBloPoMo pet people who are hanging in there, and I'll return towards the end of the month to see who else amongst you made it to the finish line. Contributing Editor Laurie White blogs at LaurieWrites, is still in the NaBloPoMo running, and shows very little restraint when it comes to talking about this particular Boston Terrier.


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