thank you

In July we’ll be a family of five!...more

‘tis the season

(He studies her every move and tries to be just like her. Makes my heart pop.) Every year, I vow to get organized and get Christmas cards sent out to all of our family and friends because it really is one of my very favorite parts of the season. Going to the mailbox is never more fun than in the month of December ....more


(Adrienne requested this picture because she remembered the one I took last year) (he had just woken up from a nap…little sleepy eyes) (This kid loves to work! He likes for things to be in their correct place, so toys, clothes, dishes, leaves…whatever, he’s into putting things away. How did I get so lucky?!) (I think there was some sort of cracker dispute going on here ^^) Meeker was out of town hunting this weekend, so among other things, we raked leaves to keep ourselves busy ....more


I look just as much forward to Halloween as my kids do. It’s just so much fun! Getting to walk around the neighborhood late at night all dressed up and get free recess peanut butter cups ....more

homemade applesauce

(we left some skin on because I like the texture) (our new GIR spoon, we love their products so much!) We’ve been doing a unit on apples this week, and it’s by far my favorite set of lessons so far. I mean, a lesson dedicated to a food, yes please. A lesson dedicated to my very favorite food in the middle of fall…HECK yes ....more

leaf learning

I’m glad you guys are interested in what we’re doing in school! It makes it super easy to write/blog because it’s what we’re already doing during the day. Way cool ....more

kindergarten, the first month

I am having so much fun teaching kindergarten to my girl. And just to answer any questions you might have upfront, yes she is only four, but I just decided she was ready. I taught her to read last year using this book (highly recommend) and since then she’s just been an information devouring machine ....more

let’s go for a walk

(these reflections make me so happy!) At least once a day, and usually more, someone in the family declares our need for a walk. It’s probably my favorite thing about where we live. It’s also, hands down, my favorite activity for our family ....more

summer love

(^^his hair grows so fast, I can’t keep up with the haircuts, and I’m jealous.) (^^part of my heart belongs to those mountains in Ouray) (^^Adrienne took this one) Goodness, this summer has been full. Full of some good, full of some hard, but looking through these pictures makes me reflect on how sweet it’s been overall. I have decided to go back to work part-time this fall helping to run an after school program...more

kids book review and giveaway!

We are lucky enough to be family friends with the super kind and hilarious children’s book author, Justin Matott. I don’t know why I’d never thought to connect with him about doing a giveaway here before, but we met last week for some coffee (he bought my kids doughnuts…winning!) and gave us a couple of books to enjoy and tell you all about. This first one right here is called Aliens ALL MIXED UP ....more