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Is anyone out there?

Hi ladies! I'm fairly new to the Houston area (Spring really), and would love to get together with other bloggers around here. Let me know if this is something any of you would like to do. Hope to hear from ya soon :)Liberal oilfield wife. I write, I hula hoop, I craft, and I listen to music you might hate. Unlikely Oil Field Wife...more

hey hey..

I would love to meet up fellow bloggers too and have a little conference here at ...more

Cloth napkins for kid's lunches - feedback needed

I have been using, making and selling eco-friendly reusuable snack bags for a year now. I started because I wanted snackbags for Charlie to take to Pre-K that were different from the usual zippy plastic bags. At his Pre-K all the snack bags were put in a big basket for the kids to pass out at snack time. I wanted Charlie's to be easy to recognize even with his name on it. I started pricing the bags and thought "Holy Cow! I can make these for less money" and so I did. Charlie is starting Kindergarten this year....more

I have some listed in my Etsy shop, Topsy Turvy Tots. I have a variety of fabrics not shown so ...more

Houston Pre-Conference Meet Up!

 With thanks to @outsidevoice and @allisonzapata for the gentle nudge, I'd happy to announce that we are, indeed, having a pre-Blogher '10 meetup in Houston this year! All are welcome to attend - you don't necessarily have to be a girl, or a boy, or a blogger, or even attending the conference. The details are all here. Go RSVP, and we'll see you there!...more

Just sayin'.more

Pre-BlogHer'10 Meet-Up?

@allisonzapata and I were wondering if there were any other Houston folks heading up to BlogHer'10 who might be interested in a meet-up before heading to NYC?  ...more

Powder Puff Football Tournament Fundraiser for Layla Grace Marsh Foundation

This afternoon there is a fundraiser in memory/honor of Layla Grace Marsh in Alief Crump Stadium.  For more information you can read my blog post about, Queens for Layla Grace.  It is from 1-5pm today....more

I hope you had good weather for it!

BlogHer Community Manager


Allowances and Chores?

Our son, Charlie, is 5 years old. He is beginning to realize that things he wants (mainly toys) cost money. And that Mommy & Daddy say "no" quite a bit when it comes to buying toys. The current toy Charlie wants is a boxed set of Disney Cars from the movie Cars. It costs $9.99 which Charlie says is 99 dollars. Too cute! He has been asking how he can get the 99 dollars to buy the toys before someone else does.   My husband & I have been talking about the possiblity of an allowance for Charlie for a few months now. I have mixed feelings about it....more

We have 5 kids, 5 girls, from 11 years to 4 months. We do not pay for the standard kid chores. ...more

Mom 2.0 in Houston?

Is anyone attending the Mom 2.0 conference this month? It is in Houston Feb 18-20th. I can't afford to go but was wondering if anyone else was and would like to share any of the information they get from going? Elizabeth

Houston for the Holidays

 BlogHer and the Houston Food Bank invite you, Houston-area social media everythings, to join BlogHer's nationwide food drive this holiday season by joining us out for a night of cocktails and snacks and general merry-making and random good-doing! Morton's the Steakhouse in downtown Houston is hosting our local event to benefit the Houston Food Bank on December 4th, from 7-9 pm....more

with bells on.

Ok, not bells.  But, I will have pants on, so that's a step up from my ...more


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