Root & Blossom

As a self proclaimed 'dabbler' my current life as a stay at home wife and mother is slowing helping me to explore what direction I would like to move once kiddos are in school! Previously a school teacher and now a DIY loving, advanced traveler, baking enthusist, modern hippy, who is soaking up every moment at home raising our children. 

Brenik Arli's Birth Story Part 3 (of 3)

As you are about to see why, the most appropriate way for me to record the events of Brenik's birth was by a time log. I originally tried to type it up in paragraph/story form like Gabriel's birth story but that just didn't fit or feel right... 2:00/3:00am- I started to stir in bed from what I thought was just some annoying pelvic pressure/pain ....more

Brenik's Birth Story Part 2 (of 3)

Saturday August 30th marked being 41/42 weeks pregnant depending on which country we were following (once again, gotta love due dates). Chris had taken Friday the day before off as the beginning of his maternity leave anticipating baby by end of the holiday weekend but also having the freedom to reset his maternity leave and go back to work Tuesday if baby still hadn't arrived. Friday was spent ...more

Brenik's Birth Story Part 1 (of 3)

I was just a few days shy of 40 weeks pregnant (or 39) and learned through an e-mail from my doctor that I once again tested positive for GBS. I had tested positive several weeks ago but requested to test again since women can bounce between positive and negative up until birth. I tested positive with Gabriel in my first pregnancy and though GBS is a serious bacteria if baby contracts it while ...more

41 Weeks Pregnant

Well folks, we did it again! Here we are once more at 41 weeks pregnant. As I mentioned before though we were given 2 due dates but either way I'm now officially passed my due date no matter which date you use (8/16 or 8/23) ....more

Blueberry (Spinach) Snack Muffins

I love blueberry muffins, who doesn't?! In our household we go through muffins like...more

Gabriel's Second Birthday

Depending how long you've been around these parts you might remember that I put in a little work into Gabriel's first birthday. I didn't necessarily fell like I should, I did it more because it was a good excuse for me to finally try my hand at a crafty, DIY, themed birthday party! Since I had so much fun putting it together and seeing how much everyone else enjoyed it, a few months ago I ...more

An Open Letter to Gabriel

Gabriel, It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating your 1st birthday and the day before that we were just meeting and introducing you tothe world, and now tomorrow you'll be two. I don’t know what’s harder for me, realizing how fast the last two years have sped by or knowing that time is just going to move faster and faster. Though you’ll always be my baby boy, you most certainly are ...more

39 Week Pregnancy Update

How Far Along:...more

Summer Art Activity: Rock Painting and Little Life Lessons

With how much I enjoy arts and crafts I really thought creativity would be a natural part of my daily activities with my children... nope. Sure, Gabriel has access to crayons and coloring books at any given moment but I really thought I would be 'that mom' who always had an art project to do with her children ....more

Top Five {Large} Kitchen Must Haves

You know how there is always talk about a man and his garage? I know from my personal marriage that my husband is always talking about his dream garage filled with all these tools that I don't know the difference between. Well, a kitchen to me is the same thing and like a man wants powerful and useful tools in his garage, I want the same for my kitchen ....more