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Is this group still active?

Hello all, The name of this groups seems perfect for me, but I don't see any recent posts in it. Is this group still active? I have 3 teenage boys at home right now too :-) Chrissy...more

New to BlogHer!!

I'm new to BlogHer (I've had an inactive account for a while---So I'm technically new, as I haven't used this site before) I'd just like to say hi, see if there are any Moms who would like to connect -Erika...more
Hi, Erika!  I'm a mom, but an older one ... kind of a dorm mother!  Welcome to BlogHer and the ...more

New here!

Just finding my way around, though I 've been featured twice -- motherly things! And latelly, daughterly, as I am most defintitely of the sandwiched moms, with two young children and an aging frail mother. It's truly a balancing act of responsibilites as well as of sanity. ...more
Welcome, Sandra, and congratulations on having your blogs Featured!  I like the idea of weaving ...more

Kids at school, now what?

So my kiddos are both at big kid school now.  They are happy to be there.  And I am so excited for them to be there.  It is so exciting to see the world expanding in their eyes.  The problem is I feel so lost during the half day that they are both gone.  I did not see that coming.  For the past 7 yrs. I've been home with them.  But we've had plenty of time each day not interacting with each other.  Now, I watch my youngest get on the bus and think, "now what?"  I've been spending money like crazy....more
@JavaTalk There are lots of volunteer opportunities, I'm sure you'll find something -- and I'm ...more

Lots of kids?

I am a first time mom and have always said that I want a big family (I am an only child).  Even though I'm only 9 months into mommyhood, I really love it and have no doubt that I still want that big family.  I just wonder how people handle the absolute chaos of having so many kids.  Are there any moms of 5 or more out there?  How do you balance everything and stay sane? If you are up for a daily laugh (or sometimes cry), visit my blog:

young motherhood

being a mom is very rewarding and also very challenging I am now 18 i had my beautiful savannah 1 month after my eighteenth birthday and two months after I graduated from high school I still very much remember the way my ankles felt with them high heel shoes on for atleast 4 hours, ouch!  but I was looking forward to my new journey as a mother but since I have had her I feel like I am falling into a dark hole what am I to do?...more
You seem to have managed to survive your mother's parenting... I think your little girl will be ...more

A Dozen Reasons Why I am Thankful for Being a Mom

I am thankful for being a mom of the sweetest little thing I ever had:  my daughter. … for kissing my flaws thinking that I am perfect; … for needing my arms as she lays to sleep; … for laughing while she’s crying as I transform into a tickle monster; … for being happy with little things we share; … for testing the level of my sanity when her endless tantrum begins; … for reminding me that the daily routines we do together are actually different, and each day I learn from it; … for training my resistance to patience; ...more

:) so sweet



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