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I’ve been making my own schedule since some time in 2000 as a senior in High School. A lovely time during which I had loads of free time due to Wind Ensemble and doing track and field, and my busy extracurricular activities and AP classes made up for a lack of actual time in class. And so on it went for the subsequent 4 ½ years; I made up my own schedule based on what I knew I could definitely handle without wanting to scream, also incorporating a daily nap (which was required when I lived in Spain) and/or some general ‘me time’ through out the day. For I am nothing but generally evil and whiny (more so than usual) without a daily allowance of breathing room.

What amazes me about this time in my life is the abruptness of things. Something that I fear will take me ages to get over, as I’m not quite sure how people cope without that hour or two midday to be alone. That’s what I loved about Europe and it’s what I loathe about America. That everything is so workworkwork eat workworkwork, so on and so forth for years. Which is how I’ve been feeling for the past few weeks. To say that life in general has been busy would be an understatement but I’m also compensating for past financial grievances and the fact that I have to make enough to you know, eat, means that not only do I have my regular full time job, but also, babysitting and then writing and then at some point I sleep. It goes on and on ad nauseam and I rarely come up for air.

And I’m not the only one who feels pulled in so many directions just because there are 24 usable hours in a day. My peers, close friends of mine who are within the same realm and headed in the same direction as I, are often feeling pulled. But they’re considerably more rational than I to say the least, they do this interesting thing called taking a vacation. A long vacation. So, I am announcing here and publicly, so that I will hold myself to it, that in March of next year, I, Heather B, will be taking a week long vacation to somewhere, anywhere, that requires a passport.

This will be a fun (Read: like last week when I got three fillings, fun! Wheeee!) little exercise with my finances given that I’m about to spend a grand on a laptop as well as give me something to look forward to. So, let the planning begin and suggestions welcome.


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