Introducing BlogHer attendee turned BlogHer Event Planner: Kristy Sammis

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It is my pleasure to introduce the newest member of the BlogHer team, Kristy Sammis, she of She Just Walks Around With It fame.

Kristy is a blogger, who became a BlogHer when she read about BlogHer '06 and thought "Hey, I'm a woman who blogs. This sounds kinda cool!"

Her experience at BlogHer in her own words:

I had no idea what to expect, and frankly, I was absolutely overwhelmed. So many amazing women! So many amazing writers! So many amazing panels and speakers and stories and thoughts and opinions and interests and friends and laughs (and Yahoo!-tinis)! I remember sitting among hundreds of other BlogHers during Saturday's closing session and thinking, "Wow. These women are changing the world." I was happy to be a part of it, and knew right then that I wanted to get more involved.

So she emailed and asked if she could do exactly that.

Turns out Kristy also has an extensive marketing resume. We really liked that she had event planning and project management experience, but also that she had lots of internal communications experience. Because communicating with the community is such a major part of planning a BlogHer event.

BlogHer is expanding in 2007, putting on two events and moving out of the Silicon Valley to points beyond. We knew we needed help to do that, someone who:

a) had the right experience
b) got the BlogHer mojo, and most importantly
c) was passionate about blogging and bloggers

So, welcome Kristy Sammis, BlogHer member, BlogHer attendee, BlogHer Event Planner. You'll be hearing from her on whenever she has conference news to share. And we're thrilled to have her on board.


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