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I have a new blogcrush... on G. Kleine, or Dra. Kleine, of En nombre del BLOG. She's funny! She writes about personal stories, sex and relationships, semi-anonymously.

If you read Mi Verdad, a recent post, and I warn you it's hot sexy stuff, you'll notice a bit of cyberspanish, like "pq" for "porque" [because] and "q" for "que" [that]. This post seems to be a sort of.. a blog-story... It's from the point of view of a young guy having sex with his girlfriend for the first time, and not behaving very wisely about safe sex and birth control. Even her commenters seem confused by the first-person male voice and teenage writing style (from a 35 year old woman). It's like she pretends to be a new person's diary with every post. I'm so addicted. It reminds me of Brad Zellar's compelling fictional truths.

Kleine's posts on Olganza (a Mexican business-focused blogzine) are great: take a look at this more formal, polished work of hers, "Casos de cosas simples" [Examples of simple things]. In this weekly blog, Kleine talks about the ephiphanies of daily life, of walking around her city, talking to people, thinking about books and movies, and again, human relationships, emotion. I enjoyed her lengthy, thoughtful analysis of an incident she witnessed while waiting in line at the bank.

Han oado como hacen las gallinas cuando ponen un huevo?- Asa hablaba ella-, a todo volumen y sin dejar hablar A NADIE.
[Have you ever heard a hen lay an egg? That's how she was talking - at top volume and without letting ANYONE else talk.]

From this common annoying incident of rudeness, she leads into a witty exploration of tolerance, politics, respect, and ways of disagreement.

For English-only speakers, you might find En nombre de BLOG hard going, because of the slanginess. But you'll have an easier time with Casos de cosas simples; it runs through automatic translators fairly well.


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