Little House. Big Heart.

We're Jessica and Kevin, two twenty-something newlyweds with more heart than house. We share the little two bedroom cottage we call home with our cat, Fievel, and our dogs, Indy and Rosie. It's a tight squeeze, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

Join us as we explore the ups and downs of home renovation, recipes, travel, and life 1000 miles from the people we love most. Nothing makes us happier than a full house, so come on over and stay a while!


A Teaser And National Can it Forward Day

There’s something about August that always reminds me of watermelon, tomatoes, and plum jam....more

Reality Check

Let’s be real here, folks. Our bathroom reno has taken over EVERY portion of our lives....more

Save our Maters!

Hey guys! Just take a second and look at how gorgeous our tomato plants are. They’re big, green, and… ....more

The Warm Fuzzies

For the most part, whoever built the Little House did a fantastic job....more

Venting My Frustration

For the most part, our bathroom has been surprisingly painless (knocking on every piece of wood I can find). ...more

The Little House and the List of Doom

Last night, Kevin and I sat down to make a list of everything left to finish on the bathroom....more

[Shower] Curtain Call

Hey guys!...more

A Little Bathroom Reno: How to Repair a Damaged Subfloor

It’s been a couple weeks since we shared anything on our bathroom renovation....more

Bathroom Confessional

36 days. That’s how long it’s been since there has been a functioning bathroom at the Little House. We put up the last (and I swear by all that is holy it IS the last) coat of mud on the drywall last night and are oh-so-close to the home stretch on this one… but we’re not there yet ....more

Oh, Thank Haven [Recap 2014]

You know you had a good weekend when it’s Tuesday morning and you’re still sleepy and wondering where the heck the weekend went… and that’s pretty much where I’m at right now....more