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12 More Good Comics For Kids

I’ve done posts about good comics for kids before, and even one about good superhero comics for kids, but I just keep finding more good ones! So here’s another collection of the best we’ve found, all appropriate for elementary school and up. Grab that library card, get to the bookstore, whatever works! ...more

5 More Great Comics For Young Children

Nothing is more fun than a child giggling while reading a good comic or graphic novel. While this post may not be long (yet), the comics below are fantastic. Funny, cheerful, with good art and stories that kids (and adults) can enjoy again and again ....more

My 17 Favorite Science Fiction Webcomics

Are you reading webcomics yet? I dove in during early 2015. Since I’m a science fiction loving gal, the webcomics with spaceships, aliens, and lasers have a special place in my heart ....more

7 Outstanding Comics About Being A Hero

Yay, we’re back to the themed roundups of excellent comics and graphic novels! This is so exciting. Superheroes are hot right now thanks to blockbuster movies and popular television shows ....more

My 15 Favorite Magical and Fantasy Webcomics (So Far)

I usually lean more towards science fiction than fantasy, but WOW, there are some amazing fantasy and magical webcomics. I just started reading webcomics this year, and quickly fell in love. The art! ...more

How to Get Started Reading Comics and Graphic Novels – With Plenty of Suggestions!

If you’re already a fan of comics and graphic novels, you can scroll right down to the recommended books in this post. If you’re not reading comics or graphic novels yet, I’m here to help you get started! The basics first: “graphic novel” is just a term for any book-length work that’s told in a sequence of pictures, usually arranged into panels ....more

15 More Young Adult Graphic Novels and Comics We Love

Need a graphic novel for a young adult or older kid? You’re in luck, because these days they’re exploding out of the publishing industry so fast that I can’t keep up. Here’s another roundup of favorites I’ve discovered since my last post of comics recommendations for this age group ....more

15 Children’s Picture Books We’re Loving Right Now

I’ll never outgrow reading picture books. Lucky for me, eight year old Boy Detective doesn’t seem to be outgrowing them either. Until that luck runs out, I’m enjoying reading him all the amazing books I find in the stacks of the Austin Public Library ....more

Shadowshaper by Daniel José Older: you’ll forget it’s fiction

I read Shadowshaper on a crowded airplane with a seven year old chattering in my ear… because once I started reading this book, I could not stop. No matter how many interruptions, how many time I had to look away, I went right back to it. The world of Shadowshaper is so large and so engrossing, it felt just as valid as that airplane and much more interesting ....more

Why ALL kids need diverse books

I’m over at SheKnows today, talking about #WeNeedDiverseBooks and why it’s important for everyone. Read it here: 4 Reasons all kids need diverse books The post Why ALL kids need diverse books appeared first on Planet Jinxatron ....more