Best PSA Placement Ever: Save Darfur and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Feasts, floats, sponge bob's the biggest square float ever, hannah montana, marching bands, confetti, macy's, mittens, sesame street, build-a-bear, cheers, chrysler building, big apple -- thanksgiving day images parade across the tv screen.

Commercial break: BAM!

Then: The Save Darfur PSA, Voices from Darfur, where people on the street tell the juxtaposing story in the words of sufferers in the horrific genocide in Darfur, made all the more powerful against the backdrop of the NYC celebration.

I wish I could find the specific PSA on youtube, but I haven't been able to. If anyone tivo-ed the parade and puts up the segway from parade into the Darfur spot, pls let me know if you put it on youtube.

From a communication perspective alone, this placement was right on. Communication impact is often quadrupled by placing a message where it DOESN'T fit, rather than where it does. While standard thinking might place the Darfur PSA during the news, or a political show, or where people sensitive to the issue are likely to be watching, the stronger approach is to place it where people who aren't already fine-tuned for such a message are waiting.

There is no way those stories will leave my heart today.

UPDATE: The video of the ad campaign JUST went live on the Save Darfur site.

And on YouTube.

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