Eat Cake For Dinner

Hi, I'm Jenn and I love being in the kitchen.  I started cooking and baking in 2007 and I have been a self-proclaimed foodie ever since.  From cakes and cookies to dips and casseroles, you will find it all on my blog.  I love all types of food, but cake and frosting are my favorites.  The more frosting the better.           

Almond Joy Magic Cookie Bars

These are one of the BEST magic cookie bars you will every put in your mouth....more

Coke Shredded Pork Tacos

This shredded pork seriously has so much flavor and it's a piece of cake to make. ...more

Butterfinger Nutella Cupcakes

It feels like forever since I have made cupcakes. I was long overdue for a real. good.homemade.cupcake....more

Easy Ham and Broccoli Quiche

Did you all have a fun Easter weekend?...more

Chocolate Espresso Bundt Cake PLUS United States of Cakes Cookbook Review

United States of Cakes by Roy FaresIn 2010 Roy Fares, won Sweden's Best Pastry Chef competition....more

Meatball Ragu

When your meatballs fall apart while cooking, turn them into meatball ragu....more

Carrot Cookies with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting

Have you ever watched the show Impractical Jokers???...more

Snickers Caramel Apple Salad

Have you ever had a Snickers Caramel Apple Salad??? My friend, Ruth Ann, brought this to work for us a few weeks ago....more

Bacon Ranch Chip Dip

You don't even want to know how many bags of chips I have in my pantry right now....more