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Generation X: We're Here and We've Reached 40!

I'm new to BlogHer.  As a young-at-heart 50 year-old Generation X-er, I wanted to start a community for the older women of Generation X.  We're reached middle-age (how did that happen)?  Our POV and Voice is different than the Boomers.To get this community & conversation started, here are some recent articles about Gen X:...more
I don't identify with the Boomers (I'm on the cusp--born in 1962). I love Pearl Jam, President ...more

Where Can I Find Blogs to Write FREE Quality, Original Guest Posts?

I've checked with MyBlogGuest and have tried using SEOMoz tools. I've also googled the key phrases, such as "write for us," "guest bloggers wanted," etc., but that is incredibly time consuming....more
Hi Guys, I noticed you're looking for guest posters to help build content on your website ...more

A laugh for you!

Hi. I am new to this group and excited to be a part of the Blogher community! I write weekly posts for, and love to share humor (usually at my expense.) Here is my latest, for all you who may be the "baby" of the family! Do you find yourself treating your youngest child differently?

100 Reasons You Love Yourself Challenge

Hi Everyone I am a bit excited about today's post on my blog.  Take a look for yourself 100 Reasons You Love Yourself Challenge. I love the fact that this exercise is so uplifting and positive.  Years ago, I would have dreaded writing up such a list.  But not any longer.  I am actually looking forward to it! I hope you decide to join me in this challenge and I look forward to seeing your feedback on the...more
Count me in :)more

To Self Publish or Not

  Has anyone had a book published? Did you do self-publishing? If so, which company did you use? How was your experience? I'm considering having a children's book self-published but have heard it might ruin the crediblity of the book because I had to do it myself. Anyone know anything? Thanks ...more
I am self-debating with this exact topic right now. After two years of writing my first book ...more


Hi all - This is a list of very successful business women.  It's usefulness will go a long ways.  TOP WOMEN IN SOCIAL MEDIA #business #socialmedia #womenon #leaders #founders ...more

Great list, thanks for posting. I love looking through lists like this because if you start ...more

Introducing Myself

Hi everyone,  I wanted to say hello to all my fellow Virginians.  My name is Shevonne, and I am in Fairfax, VA.  Can't wait to interact with all of you!...more

Count me as another new person here. I've been writing freelance for about 1 1/2 years, mostly ...more

Should I blog for free?

One of the local newspapers caught a new blog I started due to some political stuff going on in my town. I have a couple of questions for you bloggers before I meet with the editor on Thursday morning. Here goes.   First, should I become one of their Community Bloggers? They do not pay, but if I don't have to blog more than once or twice a week, I will gain several thousand readers potentially. That will work when my next book is published.   Also, should I offer my other blogs? I'm not really into the one they are most likely considering....more


You can't discount the potential readership ... You CAN publish links to you all ...more

Is freelance writing a viable field right now?

Hi!  I am new to this group and so relieved that you are here! Recently I decided to become a freelance writer. I have just begun. In fact, I am such a beginner that I have yet to be paid.  I have a girlfriend in journalism who let me know that she feels that trying to break into freelance writing at this time is not a good idea. she said that many editors who normally enjoy working with new comers are not willing to take the risk right now, and that many established writers are  simply not getting paid. ...more

Well Kollete-

This is my 18th year of freelancing and truthfully, there are great days and ...more


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