BlogHer 14 and Other Weekend Fun

This last weekend we got to see each other. We don’t get to do that very often anymore since we live about 8 hours away from each other so it was special. We went to BlogHer 14 together and it was so much fun ....more

Flaky Biscuit Recipe

Sunday mornings are easy. ...more

New Beauty Products to Love

I have found some terrific new beauty products this year that I am unusually...more

Kamikaze Cocktail Drink Recipe

Is it hot enough for you? ...more

DIY Before and After – Tree Wells

Everything needs a little freshening up now and then, including my house. ...more

Sunday Sentiment {four–the one about wishes}

Our wish for you: Energy to chase your dreams Happiness that multiplies Prosperity throughout the year Peace of mind ...more

Linky Lovin’ (Events and Sites Worth Their Salt)

Happy Summer! Hopefully you are all out enjoying the sun and having lots of snow cones. ...more

Tunage to Calm and Soothe

If you’re in need of some meditation jams, or just in need of or wanting something to calm you down or wind down from the day, here is the play list for you. Sit back, relax, and chill out. 1. “Open your Mind”, Buddha Lounge Ensemble: This is probably one of the most calming and gentle songs ever ....more