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Some personal finance bloggers use their blogs as a way of swapping ideas and to hold themselves publicly accountable as they work their way to a solid balance sheet. Others begin to seek opportunities to monetize their blogs in traditional ways such as adding advertising if only to pay for their bandwidth or to support a favorite charity. A third group are entrepreneurs at heart and the process of creatively building their blog leads them to think of creative ways to turn their blogs into entrepreneurial endeavors.

at Apron Thrift Girl is more a craft blogger than personal finance blogger, but she shares how she puts her passion for thrifting to work in order to boost her finances and to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams and has found that...

in the end, it was the process of creating a business from scratch and completing it that I found to be the most important lesson. It didn't make me wealthy but it taught me a lot.

But her passion for thrifting and organizing and eco-chic fabulousness, etc... has left her with little time to blog and a need to focus her energy and passion. As a result she's letting go of one of her businesses: WAHM Consulting

When I started WAHM Consulting I had a dream of one day having an office space somewhere bustling with consultants wanting to help mothers be empowered to have a business and stay at home with their children if that is their wish. I never did get WAHM Consulting off the ground (if you know anyone who is interested in this business, let me know. I'm about to shut the website down) although ATR did swallow up parts of it. I don't feel these unsuccessful businesses to be failures because I'm the one that either let them go or didn't pursue them enough.

Her thoughtful post is worth a read both for her description of the life of the passionate entrepreneur and to see if you might be interested in WAHM Consulting.

A personal finance blogger who has creatively transformed her blog-chronicled pursuits into a fledgling entrepreneurial endeavor is Kira of Penny Foolish who launched Cash Duck. Tired But Happy has an excellent review and explanation of Cash Duck - both how and how well it works.

Jeffrey Strain
at Personal Financial Advice has created a thriving business using blogs and websites. The growing success of his businesses has now allowed his business partner to join their cyber venture full time. In the post, Jeffrey, like Selena, stresses the importance of focus.

Wendy Piersall started the eMoms at Home blog to document the launch of a different business and then the blog generated a bigger response than the business it was designed to document. So e Moms at Home became the business which is focused on helping moms start, run and succeed with home based businesses.

In addition to Selena and Wendy, it seems that helping moms figure out how to make their financial fortune from home is a popular blog and web-worthy business focus. Amy offers Mom Advice. Frugal Work at Home Mom runs the Work at Home Mom Bloggers Network. And, Cool Mom Picks offers you the chance to support entrepreneurial moms. Check out their holiday gift guide.

Remember, when you shop the websites below, you're not only getting a fantastic product (if we do say so ourselves), you're most often supporting an independent business, many run by hardworking moms just like you.

Dr. Philippa Kennealy has combined her passion for blogging and for building her business and now is introducing the medical profession to blogging and teaching them how to be entrepreneurial.

Jennifer Sbranti
is turning her blog and her passion for decorating into a business.

And, BlogHer helped inspire Megan Garnhum to start her blog-based-business A Girl Must Shop, in part, to support her own passion (and finances).

Not only do personal finance bloggers serve a valuable role by blogging about a topic that many are unwilling to discuss publicly and allowing us to glimpse their trials and triumphs vicariously, but now they are inspiring the entrepreneurially minded with creative ways of turning blogs into businesses and boosting their bottom lines through their passions.

Hat tips for the links to BlogHer CE's Debra Roby (Apron Thrift Girl) and Liz Thompson (Cool Mom Picks).


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