Holy Cow! Vegan Recipes

I blog about healthy, simple, delicious vegan food, some of it Indian because that's where I was born, and a lot of it global because I live in the wonderfully diverse Washington, D.C. area -- a foodie's paradise.

Dosa Spring Roll

I have been on a bit of a roll lately, what with my last recipe for Kati Rolls and now this one, but then who can resist a rotund wrap packed with delicious stuffing? Clearly, not me. A Dosa Spring Roll...more

Sleep Tight, Cutie Pie

My beautiful cat, Pie, passed away early this morning. Many of you have come to know her through these pages — how sweet she was, how gentle and playful, and how I loved her with all my heart. Pie was nearly 18 and had several ongoing health issues, but...more

Kati Roll

A Kati Roll is a popular street food from one of my favorite cities on the planet: Calcutta, or Kolkata, as it is now called. There is something about big, buzzing cities that really appeals to me. And...more

Tofu Curry with Chickpeas and Summer Vegetables

I had been dreaming of making this...more

Date and Lime Muffins

I have been a bit of a tyrant with the sweets around our house, mainly because I am trying to keep Desi’s too-sweet tooth in check. So this weekend, to make him happy, I baked up these Date and Applesauce Muffins. What I didn’t tell him — and he didn’t guess — is that they......more

Misal, the Ultimate Bombay Street Food

There’s no way to actually describe a Misal to you other than to say, you must...more

Masala Khichdi

A popular one-pot meal that’s cooked in just about every Indian home is a khichdi or a khichari, and those are not the only names it goes by. It’s khichuri in Bengali, pongal in Tamil, khichri in Gujarat, and kedgeree in English (yeah, as in the language spoken by the Brits). Although the Brits, somewhere in transit, made an unnecessary addition –...more

Banana Chia Cake with Crumb Topping

That name’s a mouthful, I know, but wait until you can stuff some of this incredible treat into your mouth. You...more

Cholar Dal

Recipes for Cholar Dal almost always start off by alerting you that this is a dish for special occasions, served at Bengali weddings or other life events. It’s simplicity, though, tempts one to break that hallowed tradition and label this a dal perfect for weeknight meals....more

Keema Wrap

Here’s a perfect recipe for a weekend brunch or lunch. It’s delicious, meaty albeit meatless, and so waistline-friendly...more