Freshly Completed

Hello all, I'm Allison.  I keep things fresh and fun over at Freshly Completed.  There you'll find all my latest projects from sewing, painting, crafting, and occasionally cooking.   Stop by and say, "Hello".

Easy to do Scriptionary-- YW Mutual Idea

This week for Mutual our activity is Scriptionary. ...more

Semi-homemade Halloween 2015

Each year I do the semi-homemade Halloween look. ...more

How to Make a No-Sew Gryffindor Patch

My oldest son is going to be Harry Potter this year. ...more

DIY Easy Batman Gloves/Gauntlets

This year for Halloween my kids all went with something different for their costumes. ...more

Young Women Activity- Box of Lies

As I've mentioned before I work with young women in my church, ages 12-18. ...more

The Swingset Skirt (with More sizes)

Oliver + S has just re-released one of their most popular patterns. The Swingset Skirt! I was thrilled to be a pattern tester again ....more

Book Review: Good Pictures Bad Pictures

Thanks to the recommendation of my sister, I recently picked up the book Good Pictures Bad Pictures...more

DIY +Simple+ Wild Animal Party!!

A while back my daughter had a Wild Animal Party! When trying to come up with a birthday theme, we thought and thought and thought for quite a while. ...more

My Painted Gallery Wall

This year my husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. These ten years in many regards have just flown by, but there has been so much growth and changes that we've gone through together. When I think back to our early days, as newly weds, the time seems like forever ago ....more