Four Eyes, Twenty Fingers

1972_eating_popsiclesI am one of two babies who shared one mom's womb for nine long months; I am a twin.

Which is why I have a special affinity for women who have given birth to multiples. Before I got pregnant myself, I fantasized about having twins. The multi-tasker in me thought twins would be the most efficient way to bring life into this world.

As soon as I gave birth I realized how glad I was that my children came as singletons. I can't imagine surviving the early days of babyhood breastfeeding, rocking, and staying up all night with not one but two bundles of joy.

But many women do it and they do it well. And when they blog, the reveal the daily joys--and jobs--of mothering two. Here are just a couple mom-to-twins blogs. For what I imagine is a fairly comprehensive list, check out BlogHer Contributing Editor Sarah of Sarah and the Goon Squad. She's put together a list of twin and triplet blogs that will shock, amaze, and delight you.

And if you're a mom to a singleton, make you heave a gigantic sigh of relief. Life just seemed a little easier, didn't it?

Lagiulia of BlogPicchiPacchi writes about her adventures on the subway:

"In more adventurous news, Picchi, Pacchi, and I have been riding the NYC subway lately. I put one of them in a framed back-carrier, which has a little backpack that clips onto it for diapers, etc. I put the other one in a single stroller. I put my cell phone and money, etc., in my pockets, and off we go! To get down the stairs, I take the boy who is in the stroller out, and I carry him and the folded-up stroller down. I go through the turnstile and down the steps to the platform, where I put the boy back in the stroller. On the subway itself, it's hard to sit because of the back carrier, but I manage to do so, and it works out... not comfortably, but it's bearable."

Crystal of A Peek Into My Insanity writes about getting the daylights scared out of her:

"I came home today to find my DishNetwork is not working. Uh, this means no local channels, no satellite channels, NO DORA, NO DIEGO, NO FREAKING BACKYARDIGANS!!! The SOONEST they can come out to fix it is Monday, yes NEXT Monday. I may just die. Not to mention I have Desperate Housewives and Entourage to DVR, and I can't do that without service. I can't even WATCH DH without service. I think I'll go cry now."

Hey, you don't have to be a mom to twins to understand the horror of a day without the "Backyardigans"!

Margalit of What was I Thinking explains about the joy of having two kids sick at the same time:

"As the Girl is sick and permanently ensconced on the sofa, this morning I had the very dubious honor of waking up the Boy. This is never an easy or pleasant job, for you never know what you're going to get from day to day. The one promise is that you will get a taste of hormones gone awry. That never changes.

So I wake him up and he groans and turns back over for another few minutes of snoozing. I keep haranguing reminding him that it's time to get up, which he finally does with a groan and a bloop. He comes in for his obligatory morning head butt on my stomach, which he says is a 'hug'. I think otherwise. Then he notices the Girl is home and sleeping so he starts the "I don't feel good either" whinge, which I ignore. He feels fine."

If you've got twins, triplets, or (gasp!) more, let us know!

BlogHer Contributing Editor Mary Tsao also blogs at Mom Writes.

Image credit: Mary Tsao.


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