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A Roadmap For Newbies

I've been here for a couple of weeks and I dunno' 'bout anyone else, but I feel somethin' like the little lost ball in a pinball machine; no real direction or sense of where I'm going.  It would be so great if someone could draw up some kind of plan, or map, for newbies.  What's the first thing we should do, once we become a member of the BlogHer community?  What's the second and so forth? I realize that those of you who have been here for awhile prob'ly had to figure most of this out for yourselves and perhaps you feel all newbies should do the same.  Howev...more

Thanks for asking, Yaya! I was confused too- uh- actually still am...

Thanks for answering, ...more

Challenge #45: Saying Goodbye

This last challenge is about "goodbyes," because the subject is on my mind today.  Not only is it time to sign off at the 10X club, but I'm also closing down my health blog, Cranky Fitness.  Goodbyes are often hard-- but sometimes they're necessary in order to move forward! ...more

I enjoyed the ones I was able to do!  It got away from me, alas.

Thanks for being ...more

Challenge #44: The Penultimate Challenge

So did anyone else but me think the word "penultimate" meant something like "super-ultimate?"  OK, maybe it was just me.  Anyway, I was kind of disappointed to discover it just means "next to last."Today's next-to-last 10X challenge:  Think back on a recent tough accomplishment.  Best if it's something you could  have wimped out on but didn't.  Can you get back into that headspace when you were deciding to go for it?  When you faced up to fears/laziness/doubts and sucked it up and pushed on through?...more

Disappointed but Not defeated!

Yesterday I was going to take advantage of my husband being home to watch our son while I went to the gym. I got up, put on my gym clothes and hopped in the car. Giddy with anticipating for the step aerobics class that I knew was going to be challenging and an excellent start to my day.Or so I thought....more

Awesome job finding the silver lining! I don't know what I'd do if I showed up at my gym to ...more

Challenge #43: Get More from Your Chores!

So today I'm stuck doing some long-overdue house-cleaning, a chore I hate, along with some other errands.  And I couldn't figure out when I was going to get to the gym...Lightbulb moment: house cleaning is exercise!  Well, not as much as the gym, but suppose I wear workout clothes while I toil and slip some sets of squats, pushups, burpees, etc in between loads of laundry and scrubbing and vacuuming?...more

Sounds like a brilliant combination!


Challenge #42: A Stitch in Time

For me, it's hardboiled eggs:  it's incredibly simple to make a bunch at once; they provide a quick easy snack; and yet I never seem to have them around because I don't think ahead.  Iced green tea in the summer is another example; or even defrosted chicken from the freezer.  There are too many food options that I deprive myself of because I wait until I want them, when it would have been much better if I spent a couple minutes earlier planning ahead.Anyone else have that problem or is it just me?...more

I'm heading to the grocery store tonight!  And I think hard boiled eggs are going to be ...more

Challenge #41: Home Stretch

Yep, "home stretch" is indeed a (lame) pun.  As I'm heading into the "home stretch" for my last week here at 10X, I'm finding myself in a more mellow frame of mind. So it's quite possible that there will be less whip-cracking and ass-kicking and challenges might be easier this week.   On the other hand, I may wake up one morning with a wild hair and suggest you all do dozens of burpees until you puke.  Who knows what the week may bring?...more

Gentle stretching, long bath, and snackfood for dinner... Throw in a glass of wine and some ...more

Challenge #40: More Core to Adore (or Abhor)

Yep, we're not done with your midsection yet.  In an earlier challenge, we did some planks and bridges. This time, how about trying something different? First let's do some bicycle crunches; these are one of the most effective  ab exercises you can do.  Plus, if you do them at home you can confuse and entertain your pets and children with your flailing limbs. ...more

Forgot to post - in honor of this challenge, I whipped out my dusty old Billy Blanks DVD ...more

Challenge #39: Challenge #39: Get SLUT-y (Not as Sleazy at it Sounds)

No, I'm not advocating you stuff yourself into a low-cut blouse, slather on too much make-up, and start flouncing and flirting and generally causing a commotion at work.  I just came up with a sillier new acronym for an old healthy behavior: Selecting Less-UnhealthyTemptations. ...more

Nachos and Girl Scout Cookies are pretty darn hard to resist!

And glad the Vitamuffins ...more

Mix it Up!

It is important for me to mix up my exercise about every 6 weeks. Actually, everyone should do this so that your muscles are continuously challenged. I started out using EA SPORTS Active More Workouts and successfully lost 20 pounds using this fitness game for the Wii. I highly recommend it. ...more

If you ever do break down and buy the Wii (for the record, I only use mine for fitness) I ...more

Challenge #38: Positively Pumped!

So how's your attitude towards yourself and your accomplishments?  Are you compassionate and encouraging?  Or are you harsh and mean and punitive?  Some people aren't even aware of the kinds of things they say to themselves all day long.  They may have no idea that they give themselves no credit at all for a hard work out, but bite their own heads off for eating too large a serving of Ben and Jerry's. ...more

Basketball is over in 2 weeks.  Then I can start slapping my hubby around, I ...more

The Girls!

I happen to be a well endowed woman. The smallest my breasts have ever been is a C cup and I find that my breasts grow and shrink depending on my weight. Some may think having large "girls" is a nice side effect of weight gain but I have to tell you - not really. ...more

get away with wearing a compression bra and having a uniboob I'd take it. But with the ...more

Challenge #37: Easy (or Hard) Clapping Pushups

I've always admired people who can take the full-body "men's" version of a push up, and kick things up a notch by propelling themselves off the floor and clapping their hands together before gravity brings them back down to earth again.  Not only does it look impressive, but it provides plyometric "explosive" type exercise.  Plyometrics can help you hit a golf ball farther, or punch obnoxious strangers much harder in bar fights, depending on the particular demands of your active lifestyle....more

Challenge #36: Watch your mouth!

So there are lots of compelling reasons to stay on top of dental hygiene, like not walking around with spinach on your teeth, or sparing friends and loved ones foul breath that could slay fire-breathing dragons at twenty paces.  But there's also a link between good dental hygiene and heart health, as well a scary possible connection between advanced gum disease and cancer....more

most of the fillings I'm having replaced are from when I was a wee kid.  And my molars ...more

Challenge #35: Field Trip!

Do you like to shop?  For me, the answer to this question totally depends on what I'm shopping FOR.  Swimsuits?  Bras? Dress shoes? Health insurance? Acccck, no thanks!  But fitness gear, gadgets, and toys... now that's the kind of shopping I like.So this leads to an odd little fitness challenge for today or the weekend:  Poke around a sporting goods store, either real or virtual/online, and see if you come across anything that makes you more excited about exercising....more


I am currently in the North east and we were hit with a blizzard of epic proportions. We have at least a foot of snow here and I know the South is not faring much better. Dallas has over a foot of snow too and Atlanta is expecting 3 inches today!What does this have to do with exercise? Well, shoveling snow is a great activity to get that heart pumping! A woman my size can burn 253 calories every half hour shoveling snow. Even though it is a tedious task, if you shovel snow you will burn quite a few calories!...more

You make a great point, when shoveling make sure to bend those knees! 



Last week I tried Pilates for the first time. In my home of course, I just don't have the time or money to invest in a membership at a studio. In any event, my DVD came with a 4 pronged pilates cord that I used for the duration of the workout. Pilates is no joke! ...more

I must admit that those girls make me want to slap them. Oh, wait, that isn't pc. LOL But ...more

Challenge #34: Anywhere Exercises

Even if you belong to a well-equipped gym, or have a spiffy home workout set-up, there are times when you may find yourself in need of a more flexible exercise option.  Perhaps you're on the road, or are experiencing a chaotic day, or you just find yourself in a petulant "I HATE the gym" or "I am so freakin' TIRED of my normal routine" kind of mood. ...more

These sound great!  Oh, but you mean I'd have to actually DO the exercises and not just ...more

Challenge #33: 5 minute visualization

So there should be a 10x Club blog post appearing before too long nagging urging you to consider working a little relaxation into your day. Stress is bad for you right?   And sure, it would be great if you'd take an hour to yourself, get comfortable, and really immerse yourself in a deep, transformative meditative trance.  But realistically: for most of us, that ain't happening.Today's challenge:  take 5 minutes to visualize yourself in a relaxing, peaceful location....more

I still have a bunch, including some relaxation ones, that I've never thrown out--even though ...more

Challenge #32: Walking Lunges: Convenient Misery

Lunges are another awesome lower body exercise that require little or no equipment. (Graspable dumbells, pets, or small children are optional).  Yet lunges suck in the way that many good-for-you but exercises do--they're hard.And if you do the walking kind, especially backwards, they challenge your balance and dignity as well as your muscles.So today's challenge: do some walking lunges!  Add dumbells or do the reverse kind for an extra challenge.  And pay attention to form: be sure not to extend your front knee too far forward....more

I hate lunges!  Precisely because they work so well ripping my thighs to shreds...and I ...more


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