Time Flies When You're Having Babies

I'm a mom of 3 sweet little girls on purpose and a mom blogger by accident. I find much solace in the online written word and love this community of fellow moms to comiserate with, complain to, and get encourage from on a daily basis and while in my PJs.

In Thanksgiving for...

Let me interrupt the radio silence around here for a brief moment because Thanksgiving happened and I think it's in, like, the code of bloggers or something that "one must post the standard holiday post on or around the holiday that hast taken place". Also, I have much to be very thankful for (read on for the BIG thing), and I think true gratitude is expressed best through blogging. That's also in the the code, I think.Ok, onward ....more

back in the saddle (sort of)

The nice thing about this blogging community-- and I mean the smaller Catholic mom-blogging group-- is that life seems pretty equally crazy for everyone, because well, Catholics and their kids. So when I go many weeks without doing an original blog post, I don't really feel bad because I'm pretty certain that everyone has way too much going on to care or notice, and if they do notice, I know they're in the same crazy-boat and totally understanding. But then when I see a fellow mom in the thick of many little ones come out from the crazy rock and, despite the crazy, give an update and I get SO excited to read it, then I start to feel that long-lost desire to ignore the insanity, lock myself in a room and just type-it-out-B ....more

How Do They Do It? {A Home Schooling Blog Series}

Here we are again with: If you've missed the first 4 installments, head HERE for the first with Kendra of Catholic All Year,...more

How Do They Do It? {A Home Schooling Blog Series}

Here we are again with more...: If you've missed the first 3 installments, head HERE for the first with Kendra of Catholic All Year,...more

Happy Birthday To Lu, and maybe YOU! {giveaway!!}

Lucy turned 3 over a week ago, and in keeping with the fact that she is my third born, her birthday recap is happening roughly 10 days late. It needs a recap because, of all the birthdays that I have tried to make special, hers had the most epic fails as a result of my attempts. All except one ....more

worth the wait

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, when I was newly married and newly transported to South Bend, Indiana (a mere 2 hour drive from Chicago land) I had dreams of a romantic getaway with my husband, just the 2 of us-- lots of eating, lots of drinking, lots of sight seeing and walking hand-in-hand along Lake Michigan. It was a nice dream, but then a mere week after we moved here, morning sickness from our honeymoon conception kicked in and by the time it was gone the high-pressure intensity of Mike's new academic program made it something we needed to wait on. Fast forward a year or so and another pregnancy and more morning sickness and less money because, more babies ....more

How Do They Do It? {A Home Schooling Blog Series}

Hello and welcome back to:If you've missed the first 2 installments, head HERE for the first with Kendra of Catholic All Year and HERE for the second with Lindsay of My Child, I love you....more

the cure for the food blues

I would say that at least once a month or so I hit a wall with food. One of the hardest things about being a mom (for me) is the pressure to not only feed my children to keep them alive, as if that were not enough of a job in itself-- let's be honest, cereal for breakfast and lunch and McDonalds for dinner could keep them living and breathing. But then there is the pressure to feed them healthy food, and healthy food that you do not have to strap them down and force them to eat using a variety of empty threats and over-exaggerated incentives ....more

How Do They Do It? {A Home Schooling Blog Series}

Welcome back to... I am equal parts star struck and feeling like I have an old friend on the blog today. Lindsay has been on my rotation of blog-reads for as long as I have known about blogs and my appreciation for her has continued to grow as I have started attempting to school-from-home ....more

Links and Leggings {Link-tober fest with a coupon code!!}

1) I realize you are very possibly clicking through Mrs. Mantoan herself, but if you by chance missed THIS POST by her and you have ever thought of homeschooling, or wondering why in the h-e-double-toothpicks anyone every would, you should definitely click on over to it. I have had people inquire as to why I am doing the homeschooling thing since I was previously dreading it so, and instead of ever answering that question again, I think I'll just make a printout of Kelly's post and hand them out to the curious.2) Carolyn started the first in a series of posts on Autism and her journey with their sweet Emmett and I was almost in tears reading it ....more