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Review Opportunity

Hi! My name is Casie. I am the owner of Because I Tried It at I'd love for you to take a look at our site and if your interested in reviewing one of our products and or/gugestblogging, Id love to connect with you!...more

Kids at school, now what?

So my kiddos are both at big kid school now.  They are happy to be there.  And I am so excited for them to be there.  It is so exciting to see the world expanding in their eyes.  The problem is I feel so lost during the half day that they are both gone.  I did not see that coming.  For the past 7 yrs. I've been home with them.  But we've had plenty of time each day not interacting with each other.  Now, I watch my youngest get on the bus and think, "now what?"  I've been spending money like crazy....more
@JavaTalk There are lots of volunteer opportunities, I'm sure you'll find something -- and I'm ...more

Fashion, Style and Reality Tv!

Hi ladies!  I just wanted to introduce you to my blog, Boutique on Feet, Shopgirls.  We chat fashion, style, celebrity looks, great product finds and beauty on the inside and out.  Also, being the reality show "junkies" we are, we have been fortunate to interview some of our favorite reality stars, such as Trista Sutter, Molly Mesnick, DeAnna Pappas, Tenley Molzahn and more!Come see what we are chatting about, and if you love, please follow and leave a comment.  I'll be sure to visit your blog, too!

Join our Casue to Stomp out Stigma of Mental Illness~ Kids Matter

read the latest post and hope you will join the cause and subscribe to my blog. Mental Illness is not Contagious, it isNOT a choice. Knowledge is Power   Kim Hix, mom to 2 human kids and 4 of the 4 legged kind. Great hubby of 18 years. Busy promoting and getting sons business Good Boy Roy running . Avid exercise enthusist, running, weight lifting, CrossFit !!! Mental Health Advocate.(...more

Adding blog, MEntal illness in children, family, starting a new business

My blog is on the Good Boy Roy web site, a spin off of our new biz, a new line of fun shirts all drawn and created by my 16 y.o. son. He has struggled with mental illness his entire life, yet continues to endure and hold hope for a better tomorrow and follow his dream of sharing his fun characters with the world. We hope you follow us and enjoy seeing the eveolving life of our family and attempt to help bring Zack's dream s come true....more

Selling my Full Conference Pass for $170

I need to sell my full conference pass. I am selling it for $170. July 1 is last day to transfer conference passes so need to get it sold this week. Please let me know if you are interested.  Email me at  truthfulmommy@gmail.comIt's a great deal. Bought the ticket early bird and hope some1 gets to use it.DebiThe moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. ~Rajneesh

Looking forward to meeting you!

Hi, I'm new to the group, and I'm looking forward to spending some time tonight browsing all of your blogs and doing some following! I hope you'll follow back! I write about parenting my 8 year old daughter, frugal living, and life in general at Everything Beautiful In Its Time, and about teaching piano at The Piano Studio....more

New to group...

Hello! I'm relatively new to blogging. Figuring things out, tons of ideas, building a small yet loyal following -- what a great thing! Looking forward to taking it to the next level! Feel free to visit my blog: I am counting down the days when I can apply for Blogher! One more week!...more

Exchanging Follows

Hey Everyone!  I'm new to this group and I think it's such a great idea.  I love blogging and I love reading other mommy blogs. Nesting with Niall is my blog about my experience as a first time mom without a clue- I try to keep it light, so it's mostly funny little day to day scenarios, but also some more serious contemplating on mommyhood.If anyone is interested in exchanging blog follows to help promote each other, just respond to this so I can make sure to follow you.  I'm looking forward to reading!...more

I would totally love to be blog friends, too!more

Dreams for My Blog

If your blog could accomplish great things....whatever you dreamed, what would you ultimately love for your blog to accomplish?  What would your biggest and highest aspirations be for your blog?  Would it be to see it challenge conventional thinking? Would it be to have it generate income to support your family?...more

Bloggers, Let's Connect

Hi guys, I am looking and be happy to have more followers in my blog site  I do follow back all my followers, as I do love reading blogs. Please let me know once you started following me so I won't miss yours. Thanks. ...more

Hi fellow bloggers, we just moved to

Sorry it took me time to visit back ...more


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