When Feta Met Olive

I love to cook and bake and share my recipes!  My food is Mediterranean inspired dishes and much more!

Garden Chickpea Salad

This is a great way to use up your garden veggies! It is a delicious summertime salad, we love adding beans to our salad, it makes it more healthier and gives it more texture!...more

Peach Cheese Swirls

Since it is peach season here I am trying to make use of all the delicious sweet peaches! This recipe is easy and makes a beautiful summer dessert!...more

Mango Peach Salsa

I had some ripe mangoes and peaches in the fruit bowl and thought of what to make with them, I could have made a dessert I suppose but I felt like something different…something that would go with dinner!...more

Labne with Tomatoes and Zaatar

Homemade labne is delicious, so much better than store bought and easy to make! You can make it with homemade yogurt or store bought. I do recommend using 5% or 6% milk fat yogurt such as Balkan yogurt, it works best....more

Watermelon and Feta

Summertime, gardening, and watermelon all remind me of my grandfather. This summer I have been thinking about him a lot. Maybe because I am older and have so many things I wish I could say to him, or ask him....more

Baked Mediterranean Salmon

My friend brought over baked salmon for dinner one night, I am not entirely sure what was in the topping, hers was spicy and there was a lot of veggies and cilantro! I am not a fan of cilantro, so I used parsley in my version and mine isn’t spicy, I am not even sure if I used the same veggies, but hers did give me the inspiration to make this, so thank you Asmahan!...more


Another recipe that I have been waiting to share with you is churros! My daughter Sara and I were experimenting with churros and...more

Turkish Style Meatballs with Bulgur

This is a Turkish recipe that we fell in love with a few months back. My husband’s cousin taught me how to make it, and we are so happy she did, they taste amazing! It is really simple to make, served with rice and salad it makes the perfect dinner....more


I made these tulumba in the spring and because my blog was under ‘construction,’ ...more

Strawberry Labneh

If you like labneh, another name for strained yogurt, and strawberries you will love this! It is the perfect spread for bagels and dip for fresh summer fruit! It is so simple to make, only using one ingredient!...more