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How Long Do You Wait?

My friend is involved with a nice guy who is unfortunately still obsessed with his ex. He tells her it's because she hurt him so badly and he feels embarassed, rather than him holding on to her. He continues to talk about this ex every day and he has been in a relationship with my friend for 5 months now.He really is a decent guy. How do I advice her? Normally, I'd say leave because he is not ready for anything new. But he really is a decent man.How much longer should she accept this? ...more

Finding Yourself: Learning about yourself through Blogging

This past year for me has been an emotional roller coaster. About a year ago, I fell in love for the first time. The man I fell in love with was someone with whom I'd been friends with for about a year. Everything went great for a few months, and then things started to fall apart. He was much more introverted than I, he was also judgemental, and selfish. We broke up just 1 week into 2012. I don't think that the loss would have been as bad however, if I didn't lose two of my best friends at the same time....more
After ten years of marriage, my husband left me and left me with our four kids. I felt like my ...more

Emotions: Helpers or Control-Freaks?

Recently my husband and I received some “great” news. In fact, it was so “great” it had a rock plummeting to the bottom of my stomach, and made me wonder if I needed to make a run to the bathroom. The news was so “lovely” the only thing we could do in those first few minutes was fixate on how we were being meddled, okay screwed, over by someone who has attacked something dear to us _____ (you may fill in the blank here). After the initial onslaught of emotions—I woke up....more
I remind myself and my daughters all the time, "Feelings are not facts."more

Happy Holidays?

  Happy Holidays! REALLY? During the holidays there are so many expectations. Yeah, I've heard, if I don't expect I won't get let down.  During the holidays you don't have to have expectations, they're already implied.  This time of year is so focused everywhere you look, about spending time with loved ones and the giving and recieving of gifts.  How bout when you're in love and your lover let's you down in during this time of year. ...more


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