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3 Things You Must Do When You’re Just Too Tired to Connect

I wonder sometimes if barriers toward intimacy cause as many divorces as fights and hostility do. What I mean is, I think intimacy is tough. It is hard to bare all in front of another person ....more

71 Ways to Express Your Love When You’re Not Shakespeare

Everyone wants to hear that they are loved and admired. It’s love that inspired Journey’s “Faithfully” and Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space.” Love is at the center of Shakespeare’s sonnets, and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, and Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook. “How do I love thee, let me count the ways,” wrote Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and then she went on to compose one of the most famous love notes of all time ....more

3 Better Ways to Connect with Your Kids

Parenting is the thing Tony and I fight about the most. We don’t fight about it because we have vastly different philosophies on parenting– for the most part, we agree on how we want to raise our girls. But the act of parenting is very different from the idea of it, and that’s where we find ourselves butting heads ....more

Your house, your rules.

There is something to being a family. Whether you are a family of two, or a family of ten, being a part of a family is a phenomenal thing. Creating a family with another person, a person you have chosen to commit your life to, is pretty amazing ....more

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got Divorced

When my husband and I were dating, we went to one of the most lavish weddings I can remember. It was before brides were pinning their dream days on Pinterest, and looking back, I’ll bet Pinterest probably sent a correspondent to this same wedding just to take a look at all of the details. The bride, Lindsay, was perfectly polished in every way ....more

Ask #staymarried: He says I complain too much, and I think he’s rude. Please help!

Good Evening, I am a newlywed, just over 7 months of marriage. I had always heard the first year of marriage was the hardest, but knowing the relationship my husband and I had, I didn’t think it would apply to us. We were friends for over a year before we started dating, and dated for 5 years before taking the plunge ....more

“My goal is to not die…” – Postpartum Depression and Our Marriage

I’ve been in a slump. I can tell because most mornings when I wake up, I already want to go back to bed. I spend a lot of my thought life trying to figure out how I might be able to get out of my next social engagement ....more

How to Share Your Spouse and #staymarried

Relax… I do not mean “share” in the polyamorous sense of the word. That’s not my thing. Only two people in my bed, please… Unless we are adding our snuggly adorable children ....more

Hug it Out – 7 New Ways to Appreciate Physical Affection

I noticed something recently. Tony is a hugger. I’m sure he would NEVER classify himself as a hugger, toucher, or affectionate type of person ....more

Ask #staymarried: I cheated. Now what?

Hi Tony and Michelle, First I will say my story. I have been with my husband for seven years total (married for three years). We have two living kids, my oldest being three, almost four, and my youngest being seven weeks ....more