For the Love of Cooking

My name is Pam and I am a stay at home mom with two children who inspire me to be a better cook. I love using fresh ingredients, organic when possible, and I like to experiment with different tastes and textures. I try to keep my recipes lower in fat but still tasting great. My favorite hobbies are cooking, photography, and blogging so I decided to combine them and create a recipe blog. It has been a wonderful way to organize my recipes and share them at the same time. 

Blueberry Vanilla Bean Cake with Lemon Whipped Cream

Oh how I love this cake. It tastes amazing because the blueberries are sweet & bursting, the cake is moist and sweet, and the lemon whipped cream is tart and delicious – the combination is wonderful! This is my base recipe for a vanilla cake and I will use whatever berry I have on hand in it, today happened to be blueberries ....more

Panko Crusted Zucchini with Lemon-Garlic Aioli

I first made this quick and easy lemon-garlic aioli a few weeks ago and served it with some...more

Basil and Lemon Baked Salmon

We love salmon and eat it often. I normally cook it with fresh dill but I decided to switch it up and try using basil this time. The combination of flavors from the lemon, basil, garlic, and butter made this salmon extra special and it paired nicely with the rice and zucchini I served it with ....more

Bacon, Potato, and Sharp Cheddar Quiche

My husband headed out of town for the weekend so instead of making lots of big meals, I decided to grab what I had in the fridge and make a quiche for my kids and I to eat throughout the weekend. Quiche is a go-to meal for me when I don’t feel like cooking or when I want to use up leftover ingredients in the refrigerator. They are also great because you can eat them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and the leftovers reheat well ....more

Baked Brie with Strawberry Jalapeno Jam

Just typing the title of this recipe makes my mouth water. What more could you want- creamy, cheesy, sweet, and spicy deliciousness topped on a crisp crostini. Perfection!!! ...more

Roasted Mushrooms with Lemon and Thyme

I didn’t have time to stop at the store today so I had to make dinner from what I had on hand so I decided on a vegetarian smorgasbord – it turned out to be a very tasty dinner that we all enjoyed. Along with a caprese salad, baked brie, and avocado slices, I also made these roasted mushrooms with lemon and thyme. They were so tasty and such a big hit with all of us, the bowl was empty very quickly…next time I’ll make a double batch ....more

Skillet Strawberry Jalapeno Jam

Oh my! You guys this jam is so tasty! Our strawberry patch has produced so many berries this year and I’ve been having fun thinking of new ways to use them up ....more

Lemon Glazed Blueberry Bites

My kids have two weeks left of school and they are ready for summer to begin! To make the last school days a little more special, I made these little lemon glazed blueberry bites for school lunch treats. I found the recipe on Tutti Dolce...more

Lemongrass-Ginger Flanken Short Ribs

I had some leftover lemongrass in my fridge which inspired me to come up with a tasty recipe using it. I decided to make a marinade using soy, lemongrass, ginger, lime, garlic, fish sauce, and sesame and marinated the ribs for about 6 hours. I normally broil my flanken short ribs but this time I decided to use my grill pan and they turned out so delicious – packed with a ton of flavor and the meat was tender and so tasty ....more

Taco Seasoning

I make Mexican food often and we all love a good taco but I have never been a fan of store bought taco seasoning. After several different adaptions over the years this is the final version that we all like. I use this taco seasoning recipe for 1 pound of ground beef but it also works great with ground turkey, chicken, and...more