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That's right. You heard me. I said blogfat.

The other day my buddy (and BlogHer '06 roommate) Devra sent me this link the other day. Pamela Slim (which I believe is her married name and not a pseudonym) has a blog she calls Escape From Cubicle Nation. The post that Devra sent was called The mind/body connection and it's relation to blogfat, in it she writes:

Andy Wibbels wrote a very funny post about "bookfat .. the pounds gained by first-time authors during the year that they write, revise and publish their book.

I am thinking we have a new phenomenon called blogfat ... which is really an aversion to doing anything physical that takes us away from crafting a new post."

She goes on to challenge us all to virtually support each other back into shape because:

...I know that when I do exercise, my mind clears, ideas emerge, and my intuition feels much more "tuned up," since it usually speaks through the physical, not intellectual realm.

I can completely see where she is coming from. In fact, even writing this post I was eating leftovers while standing and typing. I wasn't even paying attention and I finished off what could have easily been two lunches worth of food.

During the busy holiday season how do you find the time to exercize between work, kids, holiday parties and blogging?

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