BlogHer Business '07 - Day Two Schedule

"How to Succeed in a Social Media World"
March 22 and 23, 2007
Hotel Affinia, 371 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY
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Day Two Schedule - Friday, March 23rd, 2007




Breakfast Day Two Nourishment provided by Google


Day One Recap and Day Two Goals - Elisa Camahort, Jory Des Jardins and Lisa Stone:


Opening Keynote: Some large enterprises are taking a big social media plunge, while others, even the majority, are far more conservative in their approach. Elisa Camahort moderates this conversation between representatives from companies with different approaches, different budgets, different concerns, but one common goal: to succeed in a social media world. You'll hear from Jeanette Gibson who manages Cisco's activities, including blogs, podcasts and even their new island on Second Life, and Stephanie Bergman, who evangelizes open blogging and communities within the formerly walled garden of AOL. You'll also benefit from the breadth of experience Rachel Clarke and Lisa Weinstein have in helping companies from Guinness to Kleenex to BP to Wrigley to Castrol implement social media programs, foster online communities and listen to their customers in ever-evolving ways.
Opening Keynote sponsored by Hearst Digital Media


How Do I Measure?

Three sessions that explore metrics. How to target the ones that matter to you, and how to appreciate the ones you may not have thought of.

How Do I Get It Right the First Time?

Three sessions that help you identify how your company can do the work up front to get the most out of your social media program.

How Do I Reach Out?

Three sessions that focus on how P.R., Branding and Communications professionals can thrive in the social media world.

11:00-12:15 Workshop #1

How To Build Your Audience

How to build traffic by leveraging technology and building robust community. How to optimize your site to build search engine traffic. How to use syndication (RSS) & subscriptions to build recurring traffic. How participating in the bigger blogging community drives traffic and comments. The works. Featuring mega-blogger Elise Bauer and Vanessa Fox, who can address the issue of SEO from the biggest SE of them all, Google.

Should You Blog?

If so, how do you set objectives and integrate social media strategy into corporate strategy? How do you measure your results? What does success look like? Can your corporate culture integrate with the social media culture? If not, how do you stay in the social media game, even as a spectator? What should you be monitoring and tracking? Featuring Remi Adams, Toby Bloomberg, Roxanne Darling and Boston Globe columnist Penelope Trunk.

The Press Release Must Die

Death or co-existence? The new social media press release. How it works. Does it work? Just one example of how social media tools are changing the face of P.R. Learn about it from people on both sides of the fence. Erin Kotecki-Vest moderates this discussion between Julie Crabill (from ShiftPR...a social media press release pioneer) P.R. veteran Betty Taylor and someone on the receiving end of all those press releases, MarketWatch's Bambi Francisco.


Lunch Day Two Nourishment provided by Google

1:30-2:45 Workshop #2

How To Measure Social Media ROI

The qualitative and quantitative measures of success. Aligning your definition of success with your strategy. Don't forget: how you can learn from your commenters and the blogosphere in general. Featuring Daniela Barbosa, Katie Paine and Lena West.

How to Embrace the Social Media Culture

Take a closer look at these questions:

Who should blog for your company?

How do you enact “authenticity”?

How much ‘I’ is ‘TMI’?

Maria Niles moderates this discussion between Yahoo! Corporate blog editor Nicki Dugan, editor Lynne D. Johnson and Weblogs Inc editor Karen Walrond.

This session is sponsored by LiveWorld

Forget “the” A-List, Find Your Blogging A-List: Effective Blogger Relations

Identifying relevant bloggers in your space. The tools to determine their authority & influence. Effective outreach without backlash. Featuring blogger Elise Bauer, marketing consultant Susan Getgood and Michelle Madhok, longtime expert on women online.


Break Day Two Nourishment provided by Google

3:15-4:30 Workshop #3

An RFP for the Measurement Industry

Where is the blog measurement tool that could measure more than "eyeballs", more than "authority" via inbound links, and could begin to approach measuring influence and relevance? Jory Des Jardins moderates this discussion between Amy Gahran, Elizabeth Lee and Jenna Woodul as they scope out what is, is not and ought to be available.

How to Keep Out of Real Trouble

A closer look at those top legal and P.R. questions every business owner or exec has before kicking off a social media program. Cautionary tales and how to avoid becoming one. Marianne Richmond moderates this discussion between Google corporate communications maven Karen Wickre, employment law expert Megan Belcher and entrepreneurial/small business law expert Nina L. Kaufman.

I have enough trouble with my First Life!

MySpace, YouTube, FaceBook, Second Life, and how that all plays out in an increasingly mobile environment. Even those comfortable with blogs and podcasts are wondering how to deal with sites and channels such as these. How to build your brand across the next generation of the social media landscape. Social software guru Barb Dybwad, teen market expert Anastasia Goodstein, P.R. pioneer Aedhmar Hynes and Linden Lab community manager Cyn Skyberg offer insights into your next Everest.

This session is sponsored by Cisco Systems


Closing Keynote: Is the Ethos of the Social Media World Changing How We Conduct Business Online and Offline? Lisa Stone moderates this discussion about whether corporate leaders are seeing and leveraging more ideas generated from the outside in and from the bottom up as they lead their household brands into the future. Lisa is joined by iVillage President, Debi Fine, Google VP of Search Products and User Experience Marissa Mayer, Redbook Magazine editor-in-chief Stacy Morrison and WashingtonPost.Newsweek Interactive CEO Caroline Little for the discussion.