You CAN help Tanner and his battle with Muscular Dystrophy

imageThis time of year brings out the best in people. That is what the family of one of BlogHer's own is hoping for. You see that little boy on the left? His name is Tanner. He is the nephew of Catherine of Her Bad Mother. And he has Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy. What exactly is Duchenne's MD? Well, in short it boils down to the fact that all muscle tissue eventually dies and is replaced by connective tissue, which means that he will need assistance with mobility, then with respiration, and eventually his heart will no longer be able to function. Life expectancy is thirties at best. Let that sink in a minute. Go read his story. Imagine this was your child or nephew or any child you love. One could get to a point of feeling helpless, but if you know Catherine and the friends of Catherine, you know that is just not going to happen!

Therefore, Kristen of Motherhood Uncensored and Julie of Mothergoosemouse are spearheading an auction. They have been gathering sponsors who've agreed to donate items (t-shirts, books, hand-sewn and hand-knitted items, stationery, an iPod shuffle, jewelry, diaper bag, etc.), and they plan to sell tickets via Paypal, raffle off the items, and donate the proceeds to - Muscular Dystrophy Canada. The raffles will open on Wednesday, December 13. But start shopping for your picks NOW!

You can go to Her Bad Auction for more information. Please go look and see what you may want to win. If you don't care about winning anything, perhaps this is a good place to donate some of that extra change you have. Think about Tanner and just do what feels right. You can even get your kids involved!

It is our hope that with this auction we can raise awareness about Muscular Dystrophy and funds for Muscular Dystrophy Research worldwide, but we also want reach out to Tanner directly, to let him know there are people out there who care.

How can we do that? How can you do that? Easy. Every kid loves getting mail, and Tanner’s no exception. This year, while your children are writing their letters to Santa, have them write a letter or draw a picture for Tanner, too. They can tell Tanner a little bit about themselves, like what grade they’re in or what their favourite subjects are in school. They can tell him about their favourite cartoons and movies or share with him a funny joke – they could even pick out a sheet or two of stickers to send along. This holiday season, let’s show our kids that while the best part of Christmas may be ripping open the carefully wrapped presents from under the tree, putting a smile on a little boy’s face is pretty special, too.

You can send letters to:

Letters for Tanner

1518 Queen Street West

Toronto, ON

M6R 1A4


…and when you do, know you are making one little boy’s world a little brighter.

I know that it would mean the world to Catherine to see so many people support an auction that works to find a cure for Muscular Dystrophy. As a mom myself, I would rejoice to see any steps that would eliminate this disease from the books.

Please, go over to Her Bad Auction and help. A little bit goes a long way in finding a cure.


BlogHer Contributing Editor Jenn Satterwhite also blogs at Mommy Needs Coffee, Mommybloggers and Aggroqueen.

image courtesy of Her Bad Mother


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