The Eagle

For the rest of my life, whenever I hear "The Eagle", I'll think of my friend Jessica's car, back in high school. It was a station-wagon-esque boat of a vehicle that could be started without a key. In the scope of cars, she was a sturdy, mustachioed Polish woman with a soft side and a mad craving for Taco Bell.And that perfectly illustrates the problem with being a writer.Words and phrases have limbs and joints ....more

Better Together

Today, I'm talking with my soul sister, Lori Harris, about what it has looked like for our families to travel similar but different journeys away from the security we thought we wanted and into the thick of our neighborhoods, where life is often complicated and always LOUD, but where we keep finding more of Jesus and the abundant life He called us to.Pour a giant mug of Earl Grey, and don't even think about changing out of those two-day yoga pants. You come just as you are, and we'll do the same. We can talk about the hard and the good, remembering all over again why we're so much better together ....more

Simple Fall Decorating

Over the weekend I stripped the living room, just like Nester did. I liked the idea of taking everything away and then adding back in, selectively.The only problem with that plan is that I haven't gotten around to the adding back in part. I'm sort of just enjoying all of the bare surfaces, and these things take a level of time and thoughtfulness I seem to have misplaced.Maybe next week? ...more

Everyday Us

I'm not sure what I'll remember about my life at home with my littles as we all get older.A few days ago I saw a mom holding her small fella's hand in a store, making important conversation with him, her little buddy. My heart ached a bit for those long days that were often so hard. On this side, they do seem a bit magical ....more

Of Course, Of Course

One of my most guarded secrets is that I don't really like animals HEAR ME OUT.It's not that I don't like them, it's just that don't really like them.It's an "I'm just not that into them" sort of situation, kind of like the book from the early 2000's but without the self-loathing, low self-esteem, and crying jags.I feel strangely protective of animals. I don't wish them any harm. More than once I've caught myself pondering the mental health of our cat, Howard ....more

Two Questions

When we moved into the neighborhood, we had ideas about the people we might meet.I'd rather not even talk about the ways we got it all wrong.But what would be the fun of that?Vulnerability grows vulnerability. And if we ever hope to be free, we've got to first be willing to bare our guts. So.Though I know most of them would be regular people like us, trying their best, I thought others would be broken ....more

A Reminder to Stay Small and Free

This morning, when the air is finally cooling around us and the steam rises up from my giant mug of tea, I want to remember true things and relax into a pace I cannot change. As I tossed and turned last night, fighting sleep, these words I wrote nearly three years ago kept springing to mind. I need them now as I needed them then ....more

Home is Where You Find Yourself

It's Thursday, and I'm drowning.That's the word that keeps coming to mind when people ask how I'm doing lately. "Well, I'm drowning." It's so dramatic. Yeesh.I spent Tuesday on the immediate verge of crying and puking, and, as you unfortunately already know, I am not a puker ....more

The Staying Part

Three years ago, we were still hanging pictures on our walls and unpacking boxes. Calvin and Ruby had just started at their new school and our hearts were wide open. The scary part was over ....more

Food for Sanity

I've found myself in the weirdest Groundhog Day cycle yet: walk kids to school, walk home, make tea, eat, work, work, work, hurry up and shower, hurry up and eat lunch (at 2pm), pick kids up. The end.I can feel my social skills slipping, as Howard has proven himself to be a loyal companion and top-notch leg warmer, but I'm still not a cat person and he still doesn't laugh at any of my jokes.On the flip-side, I've been cooking a lot. As a result, my house currently smells like bacon, I made my first (not last) batch of basil simple syrup, I have a pot of from-scratch pizza sauce simmering, I've boiled over a saucepan of milk twice in three days, and I walked around most of yesterday afternoon with a splash of pickled red cabbage juice on my chin ....more