A Letter to my Littles

Hey, guys.Remember this day? The one you spent trucking down our half-finished sidewalk and deciding for sure that you really do love each other?It was one of my favorites of all time.I look at you there, and here, right now, and I know we take turns failing each other.And I know that's how it's supposed to be.Sometimes life seems scattered and rushed.Sometimes I worry that I'm not doing enough.That I'm not enough.I question and second-guess, doubling back to where I started, only to begin again. I spend time missing all the right things.I trip into my "old people" stories and ask you to learn from my mistakes when all you want to do is watch...more

Faith Like A Kid

We're coming up on two years here in the 'hood we love.A few of the crumbling houses are ancient history now, long gone, bulldozed over and hauled away.A few more slide deeper into ruin, the sheet-covered windows telling stories and keeping secrets.Brick by brick, our block is breathing new life, life composed of giggling and the whir of bicycle spokes. Just last week there was a tribal dancing rehearsal across the alley. (Of course, I stared through the window and you would have done the same.)Across the street a For Sale sign hangs ....more

I Believe in Tacos

Well hello there, strangers.Hi. I haven't been around in, oh, about a week.But I had my reasons.I just spent four days in Arkansas with most of the (in)courage contributors, and I learned a few things while I was gone, things like Don't Forget To Pack Deodorant, and If You Do, Pray For A Really Generous Roommate With A Low Germaphobe Index.Give me a little space, an extra glug of oxygen and air, and I end up figuring out what I believe in. I believe in not opening the laptop for 5 days straight ....more


The part of my life I'm most apt to share is the half-full glass. But I know you're no fool. Nothing is as straight as it seems around here where the sidewalks jut like busted teeth and the train cuts each quarter hour like a hundred broken hearts.We're all just human, walking through the pitches and dips of life ....more

Master Bedroom Spruce

I think I've mentioned before our pattern of neglecting our bedroom when it comes to decorating.It always gets the minimum amount of attention to make it liveable. And it's usually a mess, since that's where I often fold laundry, sort kids' clothes, and a certain mustached individual has an aversion to relocating his items to their appropriate homes.Que sera sera, you know? It happens.And it usually doesn't bother me that much, because I don't spend that much time there, especially considering our bent for staying up half the night.But sometimes I see fancy rooms on Pinterest or in mags, bedrooms with things like "working lamps" or "proper storage" and I think, nope ....more

The Partay

This is it, mamacitas.Who wants to come and Noonday it up with me on August 7th?Sarah (aka Ozzy) (Don't be mad, Lovey. It's just how some people know you. It's okay ....more

An Invitation to Party and a Giveaway From Moi

True story. If you invite me to a Noonday trunk show, I will most definitely come and there's a sky-high likelihood I'll buy something. Cannot resist ....more


We had a jam-packed June. We visited our favorite (only?) vacation destination, where we played with cousins, chased lightening bugs, read books and napped in the hammock, and ate pie for dinner. The two Biggers had a week of fun at Spring Hill day camp.Each camper is awarded with a special word at the end of the week.Calvin = helpfulRuby = creative(swoon) We did two days at the annual Martin (no relation - ha) campout, where we ate s'mores, cook eggs in a giant kettle over an open fire, fished, swam, ran laps around the pond, and I didn't die from exposure to the outhouse.Also, Calvin lost his glasses and I discovered the original ombre ....more

The World as a Marble

In a day or two, a bunch of my favorite ladies will be boarding a plane to Rwanda.I'm so excited for them.I did something similar last year, and it changed me. It sounds like a cliche, but it's truth. My experience in Ethiopia was personal and, at times, achingly difficult ....more

These Are The Glory Days

I'm a summer girl-at-heart, born and bred for flip flops and popsicles and all-things-garden.As a Mom, it gets harder, some days, to delight in these days. They aren't exactly as restful as they were back then. But I'm still that girl, still exactly the girl I was designed to be ....more