The Table

For most of my childhood, we drove thirty minutes to a church down, down, down the winding road.My life was split in the middle back then - there was the place where we lived, and there was the place where we had church. The two halves didn't come close to intersecting.Adults around me talked about being "fed", interesting now because our church body never shared a table, and though I'm sure I must be wrong, I don't recall ever swallowing the bread or drinking the cup.The body of Christ was never broken for me, but His church was the shell of a cicada, a fragile representation of the life it might embody, full of holes yet somehow keeping its shape.We wanted meat, that's what I was told. No milk for us, please ....more

Flash Blizzard

On Tuesday night, I ran into Kroger with my friend Meg (my visitor for 3 whole days because THE LORD IS GOOD!) and as I grabbed a casual head of cabbage, I noticed my Kroger-bestie, Gary, working much later hours than he usually keeps. "What are you doing here so late?"He muttered something about management and his eyes looked tired. Then he perked up a little, "You stocking up for the blizzard?"What blizzard? ...more

Why February is the Loneliest Month

On Monday I took the longer way home, bypassing the street that leads to my door and looping one block over. I traipsed heavy-footed in my industrial boots across snow that had been packed down to thick patches of ice. Salty cars soldiered bleary-eyed to work and the occasional semi-truck heaved its way north ....more

Good Gifts and the Ministry of Coloring

Last night, Cory and I stayed up way too late with a friend, spinning yarns and deconstructing the things that trip us up. We drank our tea, trying not to notice the way we couldn't possibly have just met, despite what time and life would suggest.Seth had taken the late flight in to Indiana and accepted our welcome so that he could spend two days in the heart of the jail, sharing the message of his book, Coming Clean: A Story of Faith with my husband's friends. His time here won't draw huge crowds ....more

It Doesn't Have to be Beautiful to be Perfect

Two Christmases ago, Cory and I were gifted a fifty dollar bill. It fell at a time where a fifty dollar bill seemed like an extravagance. When we married, barely into our twenties, we thought we knew some things about life, one of which was this: you start with nothing and you build from there ....more


We drew it out as long as possible, slipping through the doors into the thick buzz of night. The bus made its way along the highway, headlights streaming, street lamps glowing, and I kept catching the sense that I was already home - a flash of light in my jar, then gone again. Fifteen hours later, I actually was home, wearing yesterday's clothes; traces of yesterday's eyeliner smudged under my weary, grateful eyes ....more

Ecuador in Calvin's Eyes

When we realized Calvin would be making this epic trip to Ecuador with me, he said he wanted to blog for me one of the days. I have to say, I've enjoyed sitting here chatting with my friends tonight while he sweats it out at the laptop. :)He and I talked a couple of times over the course of the past few days, jotting some notes so his post didn't end up a bullet list of fascinating facts about the country ....more

On Seeds & Growing

Yesterday we rose in the middle of the night and boarded a last-minute flight to the coast of Ecuador, where I saw that poverty was also homes with bamboo walls where the spaces between the bamboo let in plenty of light but left everything soggy (or worse) when the rains of El Nino swept through.We heard about gang activity. A sweeping culture of drug abuse, alcoholism, incest and abuse. But the kids I met had eyes much brighter than my own ....more

If I Have Gingham But Have Not Love

If you happen to subscribe to my Super Scoop newsletter (basically a top-secret blog post I write once a month) you received a post in your inbox the day before I left for Ecuador detailing what I packed for the trip.Tucked into my "curated" (think comfy and grime-friendly) mix was a gingham shirt.You know the one.Except you actually don't. ...more

Stay - Ecuador, Day 2

"I'll bet you'll want to bring ten of them home with you."I've heard this several times since announcing my trip to Ecuador. In every case, I laughed along. I understood the sentiment and honestly, now that I'm here? ...more