I Was Raised a Black Conservative

I have a confession; I was raised a Black Conservative. In November of 2004, I walked into my sixth grade homeroom with a “Bush 2004” bumper-sticker on my trapper keeper, sheepishly avoiding the eye-contact I could feel from my glaring classmates.It was Election Day and my mother, a staunch Conservative, encouraged me to openly display our family’s allegiance to the President. Not surprisingly, I was teased mercilessly that day: some kid defaced my locker and after lunch I came back to our classroom to find that my trapper keeper had been stolen.I only knew about politics from what my parents told me ....more

New Trial for Marissa Alexander Postponed

The retrial of a Marissa Alexander was postponed on Tuesday to wait for new legislation inspired by the public outcry over her case.Alexander had her conviction for shooting at her admittedly abusive husband overturned on appeal.Judge James Daniel postponed until Dec. 1 the retrial of Marissa Alexander, 33, a black woman whose case ignited protests from civil rights groups last year in the wake of the acquittal of George Zimmerman for killing black teenager Trayvon Martin.The judge said he wanted to wait until the dust settled on new legislation that was passed in Florida this spring but is yet to be signed by Governor Rick Scott. The law would make it legal to fire a warning shot under the state’s controversial “stand your ground” law.“We are really ahead of ourselves,” Daniel said ....more

Why Rihanna is the Reason I Might Not Get Married

by Melissa Sherman In the flurry of fake internet outrage & uproar about Rihanna doing the sensible thing with temperatures rising and ditching a bra in favor of sheer awesomeness, I stumbled across a tweet from an upset young fellow. His tweet simply stated “She not wifey material if she look up to Rihanna.” Then, I decided I’m not wifey material. Here’s the thing ....more

THOTs and Hoes and Thoughts of Maya Angelou

by Stephanie J. Gates...more

20 Women Reported Kidnapped in Nigeria

Johannesburg, South Africa - Gunmen abducted 20 women from a remote settlement in northeastern Nigeria as 272 schoolgirls kidnapped by the terrorist group Boko Haram continued to languish in captivity, according to news reports Monday.The latest abductions follow dozens of kidnappings, attacks on villages and slayings of schoolboys and teachers since last year.The 20 women were from the Fulani ethnic group, traditionally cattle herders, taken from the Garkin Fulani settlement, according to a member of a local vigilante group, Alhaji Tar, the Associated Press reported.No group claimed responsibility for the mass kidnapping, although it bore similarities to Boko Haram operations and the group was suspected. Details of the attack are sketchy, but Tar said the gunmen drove up to the settlement at noon Thursday, ordered the women into vehicles at gunpoint and drove them off. They also took three men who tried to prevent them from taking the women.News of the abduction took several days to emerge, because insurgents have attacked mobile phone base stations in recent years, meaning it can take days for news to filter out.Activists in Abuja, who drew international attention to the schoolgirls' abductions with the Twitter hashtag #BringBackOurGirls, held their 41st day of vigil Monday, nearly two months after more than 300 girls from Chibok town were loaded in trucks at night by gunmen and spirited into the forest.Some escaped, but 272 remain in custody, according to Nigerian authorities.Continue reading at the LA Times ...more

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's 'Americanah' Celebrates the Dynamic African Identity

It was unveiled last week at Stylist Magazine‘s Stylist Book Club Inaugural Session that the fabulous actor Lupita Nyong’o secured the film rights to Americanah...more

Bad Hair Uprooted: The Untold Story of Black Follicles

Until I went natural, I never really had the courage to dig deeper into the history of slavery than what was being taught in schools. Growing up in Suriname in a loving family of five, I had everything a kid could wish for. I can humbly say that we grew up privileged with more than enough opportunities to play sports, travel, learn to play an instrument and obtain a good education ....more

On the Invisibility of Black Women and Girls

I was socialized within a southern tradition - pumped out to be a "good," southern Black girl who listened to her mommy and daddy, came in on time, and loved her Jesus. I know the good girl narrative well, and I played it better. But, I still wondered ....more