I'll see your geek leisure pursuit and raise you a tech conference

A few links to bloggers discussing beauty, geek cred, and intelligence. First up: Suzanne E. Franks writes on women and science from a feminist perspective, and regular readers are used to her making waves. But she really lets rip in her latest post where she responds to another blogger's surprise that good-looking women are well-versed in the science fiction genre.

You know a blogger is ticked off when she gives her post a title like "Razib: Head Up His Ass On The Women, Intelligence, & Beauty Issue". Read the whole thing at Thus Spake Zuska.

It seems like a no-brainer: when creating a presentation for a conference, don't include material that may offend or alienate audience members. No, apparently it's not. Shelley Powers comments on an incident at an IT conference where "a presenter put some porn up on the big screen."

See also her follow-up post, "Breaking Eggs", at Just Shelley.

Lastly, Andrea Rubenstein of The Official Shrub.com Blog has written an ambitious series called The Gaming Beauty Myth:

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"Science, intelligence, and teh pretty" by Tara C. Smith, Aetiology

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