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I am a food blogger, recipe developer and food photographer at Sandra's easy cooking.  I celebrate good food every step of the way with my lovely family! 

Lunch Box: Biscuit Deli Turkey Sandwiches

School is around the corner and I already started with school lunch box preparations. We had great bento party the other day. Well, when I look the other way it was my working day, while I finished.. ....more

Cabbage and Barely Rice Soup

I was so...more

Korean Vegetable Pancakes

Pancakes! If you put any type or kind of pancakes in front of me I will eat it because I love them sweet or savory, and any time of the day or night....more

TOP 10 Recipe for the Grill -roundup

RECIPES FOR THE 4TH OF JULY AND SUMMER GRILLING SEASON... Bulgogi Ciabatta SandwichSummer is here, and that mean grilling season started. I love walking around my neighborhood, especially on the.. ....more

Dinner is served...

STEAMED EDAMAME & BROCCOLI WITH SALAD OVER PAN SEARED SALMON AND BOILED NEW RED POTATOES Aren't home-cooked meals the best? As much as I enjoy from time to time going out to eat, I actually like... ...more

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

I took a break from pretty much everything and took a trip with my family....I was like an addict that needs her fix, but I truly needed this break to recharge and so glad that my loved ones noticed.... ...more

Baked Crepes with Mushrooms and Spinach

It's not even first day of Summer and heat is already killing me. Hate humidity... however summer break so far (knock on the wood) seems to be under control ....more

15 MINUTES DINNER: Chicken Pesto Pasta

One of those nights when you have to feed hungry stomachs and nothing comes in mind. I stood there in front of the fridge the other night and then pantry and tried to be creative; on the end went for... ...more

Coconut Mocha Latte

Summer BREAK!!!! Ah! Please give me a minute to take a deep breath ....more

Spicy Tuna Salad

When I looked...more