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Blogging about my life as a new homeowner and trying to make a house a home on a budget. My 2 pugs make frequent appearances in my attempts to cook, decorate and plan a wedding.

Create Your Awesome 2016 Blog Business Plan

It’s a new year and it’s a great time to get everything in order. Across your entire life, of course. But here I’m just going to talk about getting your blog in order ....more

2016 Blog Goals

Hi everyone! So I unintentionally took a few week break from my blog, but it worked out perfectly with the holidays and everything. I’ve been doing some work behind the scenes though, so I haven’t been totally slacking ....more

5 Simple Tweaks to Legally Protect Your Blog Right Now

I’m sure you’re overwhelmed about all the stuff we have to do for our blogs. It’s a ton. Between writing and promoting posts, taking photos, using social media, visiting other blogs, trying to monetize, blahblahblah, it’s a ton! ...more

13 Networking Strategies to Grow Your Blog

I have learned about the power of networking both online and offline. I network for my day job – going to happy hours, participating on committees, helping out with volunteer opportunities. But it took me some time to learn all the online networking strategies for growing my blog and online business....more

7 Legal Myths About Blogging

Hello hello! Did my fellow Americans have a good Thanksgiving weekend? And did everyone else have a great weekend too? ...more

11 Winning Ways to Boost Traffic to Old Content

You’ve spent hours (for years!) coming up with amazing awesome content for your blog. But after you posted, those old posts have just laid forgotten and dusty in the back...more


I haven’t done a regular old “let’s catch up!” post in awhile, so that’s what I’m doing today. Ta-da! So let’s get down to it – what I’m loving, learning, doing, etc ....more

What You Need to Know to (Legally) Work With Brands

Ooooh the scary “L word” – legally. There are lots of great resources out there on the best ways to work with brands and do sponsored posts (including my own *hint hint* –...more

Simple Tricks to Make Time to Blog

Making time to blog can be tough. We all have lots of other stuff going on – work, family, hobbies, health, vacations, dogs, yard work, reading magazines, whatever. You can always find a million other things to be doing, so we just have to make blogging a priority if it’s important ....more

Free Blogging Apps You Gotta Have

I do most of my blogging and blogging related things right in front of my computer. But it’s nice to have great blogging apps for on the go. I always have my phone on me, but I also sometimes just check things out on my iPad instead of dragging out my laptop ....more