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Jessica is a writer raising four rambunctious children in the middle of potato country.  She likes dark chocolate, dislikes most forms of housework, and writes about her daily life at

What am I writing? What have I learned? What am I afraid of?

What exactly am I working on? Writing? Rewriting? ...more


I probably shouldn’t try to write this out so soon, but the internet says it might help with my crushing grief. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you already know what happened, but here’s the longer version. A few months ago, Azzo (ay-zoh) had a full veterinary work up to make sure he was in good working order for his first go as a stud dog ....more

Favorite novel writing tools

None of this is earth shattering or different from what most authors do, but I like reading about others’ writing processes and tools so I thought I’d write up what I like to use. LOTS of writers love dictating their books, but I haven’t tried it yet. If this is not interesting to you, scroll to the bottom for funny Harry Potter cartoons. 1 ....more

Scribophile writing group (not sponsored, LOL)

A while ago I girded my loins and joined Scribophile, my first online writer’s group. My first writer’s group of any kind, honestly. When I joined, I had never shown any of my work to anyone, not even my own family members ....more

Coming out of the closet. A little bit.

I’m a closeted writer IRL. It’s not something I want people knowing about or asking about (because I find questions about book progress or when I will become the next JK Rowling completely paralyzing), but I know I’ve referenced my writing habits here and on Instagram. As per my usual, being a bit more open online comes easier than being open and real in person, though I am working on if not taking down my walls completely, at least lowering the drawbridge more often ....more

New house: I went with the tile

I went to eleventy million tile shops looking for tile I didn’t hate that might also complement what was already there. I couldn’t find anything. Meanwhile, I got the correct light installed ....more

The house: the master bathroom saga continues

Good gravy, y’all. My current goal is to figure out a ‘good enough’ sort of bandaid that won’t bother me until we can do a bigger renovation in here. But even a temporary-ish bandaid is proving difficult ....more

The house: Master bathroom

I’m working on a project several projects in my master bathroom and thought I’d do a bit of a post write a novel about it. Let me preface all of this by saying that we really, really liked our builders and would recommend them to anyone looking to build in SE Idaho. We came into their existing project and changed TONS of stuff ....more


Hey! Hi! How are you? ...more

Here’s a thing I’m trying out

For a limited time (read: until I get overwhelmed), my personalized family tree prints are up for sale on my little Etsy store. I customize each print with your family names. Some colors and design aspects can be customized for you, just ask ....more