Very Mom

I have been blogging since 2002.  First at VeryMom, then Kerflop, then at Balancing Everything.  I have come full circle and am now at VeryMom once again -- hopefully for good. 

Door colors

Okay guys, this is a craptastic mockup, but I wanted to be able to see the door design through the colors. You’ll have to squint to ignore the stuff I still need to sand off. The charcoal and grays are reading more blue in this particular mockup ....more

Weekend warrior-ing: bigger

While I don’t know that I would have chosen to paint a front door this shade of blue when the house is cream colored with orange and gray stones, it’s not a bad color in and of itself. The primary problem was the terribleness of the paint job, which is a common theme in this house. I asked the rental agency to replace the door, but got a big fat no ....more

Weekend warrior-ing: starting small

Project #1: Privacy film for the master bathroom window. I figured we’d start with something easy. Well, I actually started by painting my daughter’s room, but more on that later ....more

The unmaking of grand plans and embracing the unknown

Home Sweet Utah? This is a lengthy update, but it’s long overdue. I should have found time to post in pieces as this was all going down, but with the move and how long it took to get internet at the new place, a big old novel will have to suffice ....more

Homeschooling while working from home full time

This past school year was a new adventure for us in homeschooling. With my husband working full time outside the home, and me working full time in it… juggling kids and school was quite a trick. Towards the last part of our second semester, we finally landed sort of accidentally into a good routine ....more

11 Tips for managing a team of creatives

I wrote this as part of my previous post, but it made it way too long. So here is partish-twoish: I understand the need — or at least the want — for measurable benchmarks when managing a team of workers. I also understand that it’s probably a bit nerve wracking for a boss / manager type to write checks and send them out into the void not knowing if a worker is spending company time on Netflix ....more

Geek productivity

My programmer brother sent this to me during an extremely stressful period in my life, and we laughed and laughed over it on instant messenger. It is the truest comic ever. At the time, I had a full work load for a client who very much wanted to pound my freelancer square peg into his cubicled employee round hole ....more

Stunned. Amazed. A bit nauseated, actually.

Nausea is my response to everything. Excitement, joy, happiness, stress, anxiety, too much sleep, too little sleep, a little too cold, a little too hot. It’s like my body’s all-purpose response system ....more

Temp Hiring

Hey! Anyone have some free time this weekend and want to earn some pennies? It’s spreadsheet / data entry type boringness; pay is not that spectacular or anything, but better than a kick in the shorts ....more

Work and making my brain take a break

I got the Kickstarter launched and a few days later, got the store open. Timing felt crucial because we wanted to be able to be up and running / shipping before the summer crush. I didn’t have all of our product set up at the fulfillment center yet (the warehouse that would be shipping out our products for us) but thought I could handle shipping for a few days ....more