Pi is equal to 3.14

“It’s Pi Day!” “Pi day, what’s that you say?” “Yes, yes, it’s Pi day. Only 4.13 days away!” “4.13 days until…” “3.14 you say?” “Yes, I say, I say! Pi day is just 4.13 days away!” Or so might...more

Foragers Market

Last week I wrote about Foragers Market in Chelsea, which is my go-to grocery store here in Manhattan and they were kind enough to share...more

Anatomy of a cocktail

Social media is a bizarre...more

Spring break, our way

Oh, who was I kidding…I really don’t do anything besides dress myself in well-worn knits and cook food all day. That trip to the Farmer’s Market that I posted last week? Aliens abducted me, bandaged my eyes with banana peels and forced me to walk, one foot after the next, until I reached the outskirts of my block ....more

Granola: a love story

All roads lead to Foragers Market…. Or so the story goes, at least in my world where a humble little grocery store went into an abandoned art space on the corner of 8th Avenue and 22nd street in Chelsea and changed my world forever. Maybe I’m being overly dramatic, but really, this place….my love for it runs deep ....more

The Union Square Farmer’s Market

I have a surprise for you. This week, there will be no snow….no kids….no lake….no booze….no feast. I know, I know, why muck with tradition ....more

Greek-style peppers with lamb, feta and mint

I’ve been sitting here for the last 30 minutes, staring at my computer screen, wondering what to write. For the record, you’re more likely to spot Sasquatch than see me struggling for words. I usually have what amounts to some kind of brain purge syndrome where my posts...more

Days of love and endless snow

If you’ve read my recent post about Valentine’s Day, you’ll know that I’ve vowed to keep...more

Valentine’s Day and other tragedies

With the exception of getting dumped on Valentine’s Day, I may win the title for V-Day disaster stories. Actually, this was worse than a breakup. ...more

Winter storm Juno

“Why are there handcuffs on my kitchen counter?” [silence] “Guys, this room is a mess, can you help me clean up?” [silence] “Does anyone want some hot chocolate before I pour my booze into it?” Just a few of the conversations that happened over a very long 36 hours that was, according to Twitter, Instagram and all of the hashtag-using entities: #snowmageddon #winterstormjuno and the #blizzardof2015 Also known as….just your average Tuesday….or most hopefully, Chad Myers’ swan song. Although it would be sad to see meteorologist Chad Myers go. I eagerly turn on CNN whenever we’re in the face of an impending storm ....more