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Sundays at Home # 147

Welcome to Sundays at Home! Busy days here at My Soulful Home! ...more

Winter Decorating Ideas – under $30.

Last Friday Yvonne & Anita and I were talking about winter decorating. In a word, we were talking about making it cozy. ...more

Sundays at Home # 147

Welcome to Sundays at Home! I have had a very exciting week. Do you mind if I share some of the excitement with you? ...more

5 Instagram’ers worth a look or two

Lots of doing & talking, and some more doing … Sometimes it is nice to just look. Sometimes it is just too pretty or too intriguing and you keep on looking & looking. Sometimes it kinda feels like you are looking into someone’s window ....more

Nine Ways to Freshen Up Your Home

So I was talking with my friends Anita & Yvonne about shooing away the winter blahs in our homes. We thought of and shared a bunch of ways to freshen up in mid winter. You can listen to the whole chat here so you can be inspired to freshen up your home too! ...more

Sundays at Home Link Party # 145

Welcome to Sundays at Home #145. You guys….I had quite a week. ...more

Decorating Tips & Tricks – podcast is here !

Decorating Tips and Tricks ...more

Adding a New Dimension

I LOVE it when my friends, met my other friends. When we all become friends and it is even more fun. Like when, you have a party & find your bbf from college yukking it up with your bbf from PTA over by the cheese platter ....more

Sundays at Home # 144

Welcome to Sundays at Home… Hope you had a terrific week! ...more

Farmhouse Tour – Cedar Hill Farmhouse & a secret!

I have a friend and she is an onion. She is like an onion – many layers. You thought I took that gardening thing too far for a minute, huh? ...more