An Extraordinary Day!

My motto is "Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary!" Join me in discovering how to beautifully live life to the full in our "skin," our home, and beyond. 

Spring Fresh Home Decorating Ideas

March is always a windy month and this week has been like a roaring lion. ...more

Easter Tablescape Idea | Project Inspire{d} Link Party #111

Yesterday, it hit me… Easter is less than two weeks away!!! Why is it that the holidays always seem like they are a long way off and then, BAM! suddenly the day is upon us? ...more

How to Glorify God with Butterfly Wings

A little over a week ago I went to a butterfly event at Meijer Gardens. Walking through an indoor tropical garden hoping to see a few fluttery creatures was the perfect way to spend an end-of-winter afternoon with a friend. ...more

15 Ways to Decorate and Serve Easter Eggs

I have a confession. I love Easter eggs. Or maybe it’s just eggs ....more

When did you last make time for a good friend?

This post contains affiliate links. Having lunch or a day of shopping with a good friend is pretty special. ...more

5 Quick and Easy Steps to Making a Spring Vignette

As the seasons change, I like to feather my nest in small but big ways. ...more

Shamrock Blessing Printable | Project Inspire{d} #110

Download this 5×7 Photo Art Printable for Personal Use. ...more

JoyDay! | What happens when you get off the beaten path?

Think about a time when you made something. ...more

Scrumptious St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

Back when I lived in the Buffalo area, this would be the weekend for lots of St. Patrick’s Day celebrating. ...more