How I got the shot – indoor market

Shot on ISO 6400. Aperture f 4.5 shutterspeed 1/40sLens 24-70mm 2.8 When I am traveling I am always a bit more relaxed when it comes to which iso...more

Happy birthday Humphrey, Sookie & Buffy

Happy birthday to the cats!!! Whoohoo!! Can you still remember the moment we got those three little devils here? ...more

Getting creative… sort of…

Every once in a while a friend and I pick a creative workshop to do. It’s always great fun and while it’s not always necessarily a thing I’ll be doing ever again it’s still a nice way to spend the time together and creating something. We’ve done a lot of ‘greenery’ things, like making christmas decorations, easter decorations and stuff like that ....more

Inspiration on Monday; Food we Love Box

The content of our box! The first time I heard about the Food we Love box was during a workshop Alex and I gave. One of our ‘students’ was Marleen Bassart; the founder of the Food we Love box which is now immensely populair in Holland but at the time she had just started ....more

Join in the iPhone foodphotography challenge!

We all take pictures of our food right? And I don’t mean with a ‘proper’ camera but with your phone. iPhone, Samsung or whatever other phone you might have… It all comes down to the same thing ....more

Behind the scenes at cookbook shoot

For a chance just a quick post today as I have been busy with shoots the whole week so it’s been more hectic than usual. Haven’t really had a day off anywhere since last week tuesday or so I think… Can’t remember.. Anyway. ....more

Income report January 2014

And it is time for another income report. I’m sure you’re all going now ‘ Wow… she made quite a bit more compared to last month!’ and yes, technically that is true but most of that income (to be exact 180 dollar out of that) is due to an advertorial… So if you would really hold it against the one from last month I earned a total of 41 cents… ...more

Paperflies – Book your flights!

I normally don’t really publish any press releases I receive unless I think it is worth mentioning and upon checking out the email I received from paperflies I figured this is news worth sharing. At first glance the website looks a bit like Airbnb; beautiful images (always a big plus in my book) and clear and easy to navigate. Upon searching for a flight to my next destination in June I quickly got an overview of possible flights ....more

Wat Rong Kung – Thailand – The White Temple

I think possibly one of the biggest surprises was the White Temple when we were on our way to Laos. We had landed in Chiang Mai and to get to the border we drove from there to the border crossing where we were going into the slow boat over the Mekong. Along the way we stopped at the ‘White Temple’ and wow… ....more

Tortuguero – when it rains, it rains

When we first went to Costa Rica in 2001 Tortuguero made the biggest impression on me. We saw sooo many animals those few days we were there. And not only that but we stayed in a very basic but wonderful lodge by the river (not so nice in the night when you had to walk across the field towards the toilet area… Risk of seeing some alligators up close and personal!) Ten years later the lodge was a lot less basic but the weather was also a lot wetter! ...more