Making Green Choices

Choosing environmentally-friendly products can be challenging and leave your head spinning like a top. At every turn, we are confronted with a barrage of products that we may simply choose out of habit, without considering the impact to either the environment or to our own health. Here are a few bloggers who are taking the leap into ethical consumerism.

One/Change is revamping her feminine hygiene routine to avoid dioxin, a carcinogenic toxin found in products bleached with chlorine.

My Journey to Simplicity tries to find a "natural or organic" deodorant and links to the Environmental Working Group site where you can research the safety of your health and beauty products.

Post Menopausal Ponderings, the blog of a small holding farmer, gives us her take on the safety of cloned meat.

BlogHer Green and Eco-conscious Editor mipmup also blogs at mipmup.