Banh Mi Wrap (Inspired by the popular Vietnamese Roll)

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Mission Foods I was pretty late on the banh mi bandwagon. My friend has been convincing me to try the grilled chicken banh mi from Master Roll Vietnam in South Yarra....more

Baked Chicken Parmigiana (Parma) – No Frying Required!

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Frico Cheese Living in various regional towns in Australia (Tamworth, Bathurst and Orange) has opened my eyes towards pub food. While the pub menu can be quite similar across most pubs, the dining experience at a pub can be just as memorable as any other restaurant dining experience. When I was provided with a range of Frico Cheeses to sample, I was keen to try Gouda cheese to recreate one of my pub food favourites: chicken parma!...more

Steak with Coffee & Soy Marinade

It wasn’t a typo, my friends. Yup, you see it right. The glistening and juicy T-bone steak you see right here is coffee marinated! ...more

Pasta with Garlicky Chorizo & Tomato Sauce

Chorizo simmered in garlicky tomato sauce. Oh, my weeknight meal has just gotten exciting, or should say, spiccceeyyyy? Please do not fret, it is not burn off your tongue spicy I can promise you ....more

Beef & Broccoli Chow Mac with Edgell Plus One Vegetables

This post is a collaboration with Edgell. Speedy, tasty and fool-proof. That’s how I would describe this recipe ....more

Garlic & Ginger Soy Caramelised Steak

In Malaysia, Australian beef is well regarded for its quality and flavour. Often times, we have to pay a premium price for imported steak. The luxury of living in Australia is the easy access of good quality beef at quite a reasonable price ....more

Weekend Getaway To Sydney

Thanks to Nuffnang, Destination NSW, Qantas and Rydges Sometimes a short getaway to a neighbouring city is all it takes to rejuvenate oneself. I just got back from a fun and exciting 3 days 2 nights stay in Sydney. Even though this was not my first time holidaying in Sydney, I have gained different experiences from my every visit ....more

Fish Parcels with Ginger & Spring Onions Recipe

Spice Temple has been on my wish list for places to eat for a while now. The menu pays homage to and draws inspiration from the provinces of Sichuan, Yunnan, Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangxi and Xingjiang. I particularly like dishes such as Gong Pao chicken and pickled cucumber ....more

Pizza Scrolls with Smoked Chicken & Craisins (My Lunch Box Favourite!)

Having a savoury tooth, I have a soft spot for savoury bread especially the ones from Bread Top. I particularly like the cheesy ones. What’s not to love about the differing texture of the crunchy blistered cheese and chewy warm melted cheese on bread? ...more

Tuscan Kale Tabouli Video Recipe (Plate Up X Fuss Free Cooking)

Bruschetta is one of my favourite go-to lunch ideas. If I have leftover dip (most of the time is hummus), I would smear it on a slice of bread and top it with a fried egg. Another favourite combination is smashed avocado with lemon juice, salt and generous amount of freshly milled black pepper and olive oil! ...more