BlogHer '14 Hot from the Conference! Video

Welcome to the home for all of our video from BlogHer '14. We'll be featuring these amazing videos in posts over the next few weeks, but this is where you can find them with ease.



BlogHer Co-Founder's Welcome

Interview with Jenny Lawson

Interview with Tig Notaro

Kara Swisher Interviews Melissa Barnes

Nellie Bowles Interviews Richelle Parham

Guy Kawasaki Interviews Arianna Huffington

Demetria Lucas Interviews Kerry Washington

Closing Keynote: Intersectionality: Race, Gender, Feminism & the Internet


10x10 Presentations

Alexandra Rosas

Deb Rox

danah boyd

Barb Dybwad

Doug French

Polly Pagenhart

Stacey Ferguson

Mora Aarons-Mele

Shannon Des Roches Rosa

Elise Bauer

Cynthia Liu

Luvvie Ajayi

Katherine Stone


Voices and Photos of the Year Community Keynote

Photos of the Year

Parri Sontag

Kristen Vanderhey Shaw

A'Driane Nieves

Meredith Bland

Janelle Hanchett

Phyllis Myung

Ashley Garrett

August McLaughlin

Grace Sandra

Jenna Hatfield

Lisa Page Rosenberg