Home Cooking is Cool Again

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The New York Times recently ran a piece by Julia Moskin on the current trend away from glorification of celebrity chefs and back to regular home cooking. (See Food for the People, Whipped Up by the People.)

It's about time the media noticed that most of us are more interested in how to get good food on the table every day than we are in spending days preparing gourmet meals with ingredients only found on other continents. "If I want fancy, I'll go to a restaurant. I am interested in American supper food that I can make from ingredients in my cabinets." pretty much sums up this national trend, and why such Rachael Ray and Paula Deen are so popular.

Given that one in three meals American children eat are from Fast Food restaurants, and one in five meals Americans eat they do so in their cars (according to Michael Pollan in Omnivore's Dilemma), I'm delighted with any indication of a trend back to home cooking. (The next time you hear someone insulting Ms. Ray, remember the above statistics.)

In her article Ms. Moskin notes that "Some of the year’s most-visited cooking blogs were by home cooks and based all over the globe", and gives well deserved nods to BlogHer food blogs 101 Cookbooks, Chocolate and Zuchhini, and Pinoy Cook. What Ms. Moskin failed to note was that by far "Most" not "Some" of the most popular food blogs are by home cooks, and that there are more than 2000 food blogs in the world right now, with more coming on every day. (See Kiplog's List of Food Blogs for the ever growing list.)


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