Housepitality Designs

I am passionate of all things related to home design, constantly enhancing the interiors of my home.  Upon completion of my certification  in home staging and re-design I  created  my business and blog, "Housepitality Designs".  Through these venues I hope to inspire you to create a warm and hospitable home.

Bramble Showroom ~ High Point 2016 Spring Market

When I know that my schedule will only allow for ...more

A Spring Porch and a Fountain

It was time to refresh the front porch for Spring. I knew I wanted a new look. The vintage wagon with the background of the vintage door has been a staple on the porch for a while now ....more

In The Evening ~ The Master Bathroom

In the evening after a long day of activities, it is always nice to know that I can have that Calgon bath to take me away! 12 years ago, when we were working on the plans for our house, there was one thing that was on my “must have” list. A free standing tub ....more

Spring Upper Porch ~ 2016

I have been patiently waiting for the all clear of the pollen season to be over, so that I could start on refreshing the porches for Spring. Today, I present the upper back porch. One of the three porches that we use the most ....more

The Dreamy Bedroom Furniture of Eloquence

Eloquence has to be one of my very favorite furniture lines. Yes, there is a lot of white; however, used in small doses or large, the furniture gives you a sense of calm and elegance. Every chair and sofa that I sat on was comfortable ....more

HGTV 2016 Smart Home – Part 3 Great porches and more!

Did y’all see the HGTV 2016 Smart Home on TV? Yes, set in the great city of Raleigh, N.C. I am a bit biased as I live in this beautiful area of North Carolina. With shows such as the HGTV Smart Home, I not only watch it as it airs, I also DVR it so that I can see it multiple times to take in every detail missed the first time around! ...more

Master Bedroom of Blue and White

Today, I am joining some of my very favorite blogger friends presenting some wonderful inspiration and love for the color blue. Blue, a color that is pretty much a constant throughout my home. In keeping with my efforts to transform my home from the Winter decor to Spring, it was time to change out the bedding in the Master Bedroom to a lighter feel ....more

HGTV 2016 Smart Home Tour Part 2 ~ Gorgeous Bedrooms & Home Office

Part One of the HGTV 2016 Smart Home Tour presented a tour of the first floor with the exception of the Master Bedroom and Screened Porch. Today, I present the beautifully appointed bedrooms and home office area on the second floor. You are in for a treat, as the HGTV Design Star Tiffany Brooks worked her magic for a gorgeous color palette for each room and some surprises of smart technology from the technology experts/companies ....more

The HGTV Smart Home 2016 Part I and Serendipity

The HGTV Smart Home 2016 and Serendipity? What does this magnificent home, that I had the great pleasure of touring, have to do with serendipity? Well, I will ...more

An Unintentional Centerpiece {Blue and White}

An unintentional centerpiece happened when I unpacked my HomeGoods goodies that I purchased while in Florida shopping with my sisters. While taking the wrapped items out of the bag and placing them on the dining room table as I unpacked, an unintentional centerpiece/vignette was created. When I do not know exactly where I am going to place a new item, it usually lands on the dining room table while I decide where to place it or remains as a place to rest after I walk the house with it ....more