Endlessly Inspired

Hi, I’m Jenn. I’m a freelance writer and editor who lives in central Pennsylvania with my husband and three boys. Yeah. That’s a lot of testosterone in one house. I love, love, love decorating, DIYing, crafting, baking, and cooking, and I’m constantly scouring everything I see for inspiration. My ideas can come from anywhere: Pinterest, books, magazines, Pinterest, catalogs, stores, TV shows, websites, other blogs, Pinterest, other people’s homes, nature {did I happen to mention Pinterest?}. You name it, and I’ve gotten an idea from it. {Literally. I selected the color scheme for our family room from a pocket pack of tissues. Totally not making that up.} I hope to teach others that, if you really pay attention to the world around you, you can get inspiration from anything!

Strawberry Cheesecake Icebox Cake

I’ve talked a bunch of times about how much I love icebox cakes. They’re make-ahead, so they’re perfect for parties or special occasions, and since they’re no-bake, they’re perfect for summer. I don’t know about you, but anytime I don’t have to turn my oven on, I’m happy ....more

No-Bake S’mores Cookie Dough Bars

Ok, people. I am about to blow your mind....more

Stenciled Sprinkle Cake

Not sure how this is possible, but my little Mase Train turned 6 a couple of weeks ago. I truly don’t understand it, because he was literally just born. But regardless, we had a party for him at The Makery, which is an amazing little space in State College that offers classes, workshops, parties and other events ....more

Faux Succulent Planter

Do you have cool flea markets where you live? Sadly, I do not. I get so jealous when I watch Flea Market Flip and they go to places like Elephant’s Trunk,...more

20 Homemade Dog Treats

Happy National Dog Biscuit Day!...more

My Current Obsessions

How’s it going, everyone?...more

How to Plan an Amazing Trip to Disney World

This past Thanksgiving, we decided to do things a little bit differently and spend the week at Disney World. We had a totally amazing time, and even though it wasn’t exactly your traditional Thanksgiving, it was a really fun way to switch things up. We actually managed to keep the trip a secret from the boys, only telling them a couple of days before we left ....more

Fluffy Brown Sugar Apple Dip

So here’s a fact about me: I am slightly obsessed with dip. Chips and dip are my favorite food, which I’ve mentioned before, but I have also been known to order food in restaurants based solely on whether or not I could dip it in something....more

Felt Ball Coasters

Have you ever had one of those projects that you’ve wanted to do forever, but for one reason or another, you’ve just never done? And then when you do it, it is so easy and turns out so awesome that you kind of want to kick yourself for not doing it sooner? Yeah, these felt ball coasters are one of those projects ....more

Caramel Corn

Yay, another random food holiday! And this one is one of my favorites. It’s National Popcorn Day, and I am about to crush some caramel corn up in here....more