Moms of Reinvention: Role Models for the Best of Us

Many women put their career on hold when they have children. Some juggle working and parenting for financial--and other--reasons. As Stacy Morrison, editor-in-chief of Redbook magazine wrote in her January 2007 editor's letter: " of the challenges of my grown-up life is to keep feeding the part of myself that thinks big thoughts, to keep feeling wonder about who I can be, beyond a diaper-changing, runny-nose-wiping love machine."

As a working mom, would Morrison consider herself a role model? Perhaps not, according to

"No working mother will ever say that she is a role model. How could she be?? Between the job, the kids, the house and the husband...she’s barely keeping it together, let alone helping anyone else with their problems.

But the truth is, she is. Every working mother is a role model for other working mothers. She’s an inspiration, a source of advice, a springboard for ideas, a confidante to laugh with and a reality check to remind us that we are certainly not alone."

Beth Feldman and Yvette Corporon are the two role mommies behind Besides being the brains behind this virtual "coffee klatch for those who just don’t have time to sit and swap stories," Yvette also is a producer for the TV show Extra and Beth is Vice President for the CBS Communications Group. Later this month, they will add author to their long list of accomplishments when their book Peeing in Peace: Tales & Tips for Type A Moms is released.

One section of their site is a blog dedicated to highlighting Moms of Reinvention. According to the site, "millions of moms are reinventing themselves and redefining their lives as working moms." These moms often discover that their passions change once they become parents and they are finding--and creating--more family-friendly ways to make a living.

Kimberly of Mom in the City recently attended a Moms of Reinvention panel discussion in NYC. She writes:

"An overriding sentiment was that the corporate world doesn’t always conform to our lives as moms so we need to either (a) attempt to change our corporate cultures and/or (b) branch off and create our own businesses. Ultimately, it came down to choices (doesn’t it always?). We need to think about our priorities and structure our lives, including our careers, accordingly."

Highlighted Moms of Reinvention include Sabrina Weill, founder of Weill Media and Project Angel Mom; Divalysscious Moms founder Lyss Stern; and Alison Singer, Senior Vice President of Autism Speaks.

As working mom and author Mindy Roberts of The Mommy Blog writes of and the Moms of Reinvention blog: "Just look at all the amazing moms around us. We are a force to be reckoned with, even if we can't pee in peace."

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