Horoscopes 2007: And we're off

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Sometimes I really believe my horoscope. Not all of the time nor is it a daily read that I live my life by, but yes, sometimes I peruse and then compare it to the rest of my day or how my day has been going, just to see how off it is. Despite that I’m always alarmed as to how well I fit my astrological sign, but that is neither here nor there, yet gives a good excuse for the incessant whining and obsessing.

So, on a whim I decided to check out my “2007 Horoscope” as it was a ‘feature’ on MSN. After scrolling through the others I found mine:

(October 23 - November 21)
1) Career. Work on it, totally, unflinchingly, straight through September.
2) Aim to make a certain higher-up notice more than your memos, between June and October.
3) By early fall, set your sights on that long-distance trip you've been yearning for but keep making excuses about.
4) Sign up for that class you've been thinking about.
5) Make this the year, from start to finish, that you're no longer afraid to let your light shine!

Now if it had mentioned falling into love or falling into a windfall and having Oprah be my new BFFE and losing 40lbs, I probably would have been a little more timid to share such a thing. Actually I probably would have followed by a full paragraph of laughter then a snort then more laughter. What caught me off guard were numbers 1-4 and number 5 sounds a little trite and frankly rather stupid, but 1-4 have been nagging me for a solid four or five months now, especially those first two. And number 3, I’ve been putting off for months. I’ll find any excuse, usually financial to just not do it and this is my last chance until December 2008 to go on a good vacation.

The point is that this year, I just want to be more willing to do well and be entirely happy where I am with my life career wise. If I’m not then maybe I should you know make a little more effort with it rather than (and I’m loathe to admit this) read Wonkette for the 450th time. I guess I’ve just gotten to a point where I can see the overall picture rather than just every single day individually. Let’s just say that as it pertains to the above, I’m being prudent and fastidious…and maybe in a few months I’ll actually be optimistic, but for now cynicism is working just fine.


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