Will it rain today?

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It's always strunk me as curious....what could possibly be so confusing about that simple statement? 'Will it rain today?' But there is quite a bit that can be behind those little words. Are you hoping for it, pleading it not to come, or perhaps just wondering the possibilities. Words are a funny medium that can be easily mistaken and misunderstood. Not just in a text based form such as this but in person as well. What sounds sharp and biting to one person may be taken as playful to another.

I choose my words carefully and thoughtfully. Perhaps more so than I should at times. Instead of just letting it all hang out I guard myself with simple brief statements instead of the long winded thoughts that race through my head. Here I'd like to think I will let those long winded thoughs flap in the breeze. I will try. I will also hope that no one is knocked unconscious with a gust the sheer boredom.


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