Turn Right At Lake Michigan

I never know what to say in these things.

I'm 29, born in Northern Illinois, raised in Southwest Ohio. I'm married and have two kids under four years of age, five cats, and a Chihuahua.  I'm Type 2 Bipolar and Type 2 Diabetic, amongst other things.  I can be bribed with shoes and/or handbags and/or sunglasses.  Or, honestly, Starbucks will get you pretty far.  I have a degree in Sociology, and I love it just enough to (maybe) get another in it.  My favorite color is purple, and has been since I was four.  And no, I don't think it's shameful to be my age and still have a favorite color.  I'm learning how to do this stay-at-home-mom thing without losing my mind, which is difficult when it's already half gone.  I'm also always talking about getting in shape, but I rarely get there.  I'm pretty sure I'm destined for great and wonderful things, though I'm not entirely sure I'll ever get out of Ohio on a permanent basis.

I'm unabashedly honest, often to a fault, I speak my mind, and I take no prisoners.  I'm also a sensitive bleeding heart that cries at almost every emotion other than joy.  

I'm much better when people just ask me questions about myself. 

Midsummer Update.

Halfway through July and not a single post. Sorry guys.It isn't that things haven't been going on -- they have, albeit in incredibly small, not really photograph-worthy increments -- and sometimes you kind of just have to take a break and do other stuff, like spend a beautiful day at the pool instead of building a fence.That's just the way this cookie is crumbling this summer.Anyway, on Thursday I should have something for you, even if it's just proof that I accidentally turned the backyard into a pumpkin patch. (Autumn will be SO FUN you guys!)I hope you all are having a great summer and I'll be back soon ....more

Chasing Pavements.

So last week sometime, I posted this little photo to the Facebook Page because I was so excited I could hardly stand it and I am my own worst spoiler alert: I don't actually remember why we started this, other than it was a gorgeous day outside and we were at a stopping place with a couple of other things we're working on, but sure enough, this little section of the concrete jungle that once existed in the front yard was being chipped into smithereens. Now, I know you're probably like, what, but why? And here's your answer ....more

Neighborhood Service Announcement.

Yesterday, I had to distract my children into playing in the kitchen for a while. I didn't want them to see what was happening next door. And in all honesty, I could barely bear to watch myself ....more

Our First Build & Grow Workshop with Lowe's

Now, you all know that I'm a pretty hardcore Home Depot girl, through and through. I mean, it's to the point that Kiedis quotes the Home Depot commercial that runs before This Old House...more

Family Photos, 2014 Edition!

You guys are totally getting the scoop over here. Usually I'd post this kind of thing over on Tabulous, but as it's pertinent to our discussion from Tuesday I thought, what the heck. So part of busting butt on the backyard sitting area was because the stars aligned in such a way that I had an AMAZING dress at my disposal for a weekend, a forecast for beautiful weather, and a photographer friend happily available to help me realize an idea with about 72 hours notice ....more

The Backyard Gypsy Corner Progress.

A ways back, I posted about my little backyard salvage/repurposing project, teasing just a few pictures, then talking about the plans I had to complete the little nook. Then, a couple of weeks later, I teased this little nugget over on the Facebook page: Post by Turn Right At Lake Michigan. But then Roscoe came back and things kind of got derailed ....more

Rebuilding the Lattice Fence.

So quick catch up: our lattice fence was pretty much falling down thanks to being built with permanary features and our former neighbors being complete jerkheads. And now we're rebuilding it with equal parts better knowledge, better reinforcement, and better plans. Back when we were planning the first fence, I actually had wanted the "privacy" lattice at Home Depot -- the squares are tighter and therefore more frequent, but also smaller so, you know, more private -- but it was twice the cost of the regular grid lattice and we were trying to do it on the cheap, so I gave it up ....more

On Neighbors and Fences, Revisited.

So, I quietly posted a teaser for a project last week, but I'm not sure many people saw it. Go ahead and look -- it's just one photo and like three sentences. Okay, so now that our awful drug-dealing neighbors had been evicted and the landlord appeared to be taking his sweet time to do anything about the wreckage they left in their wake, we decided it was time to take a good, hard look at our attempt at a privacy fence and how it fared from nearly three years of abuse from said neighbors ....more

A Project Teaser.

It's the Tuesday after Memorial Day, the last week of school for the kids, and maybe I did my own share of some day drinking this weekend. Welcome, summer. However, I know it's been a minute since I posted anything here -- not for things not happening, but just from a lack of time ....more

Tales From The Ghettohood: Rescuing Roscoe, Part Two.

So when we left off, I was in my backyard, pouting about missing prom by lighting a bonfire when I heard a giant rustling from the empty house next door where my drug-dealing neighbors had up until the week before, lived. In the darkness without my glasses or contacts, I could see a large animal rooting around the back porch stairs, seemingly dragging something behind it. When it noticed me approach the fence, it scampered over almost gleefully, a big tongue hanging sideways out of a large, familiar smile ....more